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Does this now deleted YouTube video prove that Henry Ruggs III was a reckless driver before the tragic car accident? See what this means for the case.

Does this video prove Henry Ruggs III has no remorse for deadly DUI?

A now-deleted YouTube video of Henry Ruggs III has resurfaced, proving that the former NFL star has a history of engaging in reckless driving. On Tuesday morning, the Las Vegas Raiders receiver rear-ended the car of 23-year-old Tina O. Tintor, which burst into flames on impact. Both Tintor & her golden retriever were killed in the crash. 

Police reported that Ruggs was driving at 156 miles per hour and that he had a blood alcohol level of 0.16, which is twice the legal limit. His defense attorney, David Chesnoff,  claims that the collision is an isolated incident, citing a spotless driving record. However, Ruggs was also issued two previous traffic citations in April: once for driving with a cell phone, and once for driving with an Alabama state license. 

The Las Vegas Review Journal recently acquired a YouTube video from September 2020 taken by Ruggs’s girlfriend, Kiara “Rudy” Kilgo-Washington. In the video, she begs Ruggs to “slow down” repeatedly as he burns rubber down a Las Vegas residential street. Let’s take a closer look at the transcript from the video, which Kilgo-Washington has since removed from her YouTube Channel. 

“What do rockets do?” 

The video, titled “Wild Out Wednesdays,” shows Henry Ruggs III laughing & blasting music as he accelerates, seemingly just to tease Kilgo-Washington. He appears to be behind the wheel of the same 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray that plowed into Tintor’s Toyota RAV4  this week. 

“You look scared,” he taunts. “Slow down,” she says. “Take me back to the house, I dropped my phone.” 

Kilgo-Washington tries to convince him to dial it back as the caption “SLOW DOWN” scrolls across the screen. She pleads, “Just don’t do it no more. What you about to do?” Ruggs replies, “Launch. What do rockets do? Take off.” 

The deadly crash and its aftermath 

The death of Tina O. Tintor has had a wide-ranging impact on her family and the Las Vegas community. On Thursday, Tintor’s family’s attorney released a statement: “Family was everything to Tina, and she was the light of her parents’ life. Tina lived in Las Vegas since she was a baby. She loved her 3-year-old Golden Retriever, Max, who passed alongside her Tuesday morning.” 

Las Vegas residents have constructed a memorial to Tintor at the scene of the crash, which is near the Vizcaya Apartments complex. A security officer who works at the complex, Alexander Hart, reported sustaining severe psychological trauma from the event. After hearing Tintor’s screams erupting from her burning car, he attempted to come to her aid but was thwarted by an onslaught of smoke and heat. 

Another witness, Tony Rodriguez, tried to pull the trapped Tintor out of her car, but he was eventually overwhelmed by the unbearable smoke.  

What will happen to Henry Ruggs III? 

Henry Ruggs III faces charges of a DUI resulting in substantial bodily harm & reckless driving. He was released on a $150,000 bail this Wednesday. On Tuesday night, the Las Vegas Raiders fired Ruggs from the NFL, ending a promising football career that began just a year ago when he was drafted by the Raiders in 2020. 

Ruggs’s girlfriend, with whom he shares a young daughter, was also in the car that killed Tintor. Both Ruggs & Kilgo-Washingon reportedly sustained injuries, including a “significant wrist injury” that landed Kilgo-Washington in the hospital that morning.  According to the district attorney, Ruggs could face additional charges for injuring his girlfriend and keeping a firearm in his car. 

How incriminating do you think the Youtube video is? Is the crash just an unfortunate accident, or does Henry Ruggs III have a pattern of endangering others while driving? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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