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If you ever find yourself aboard the Space Cruiser, you might just benefit from our handy little travel guide to the 'Rick and Morty' multiverse.

The ultimate travel guide to the ‘Rick and Morty’ multiverse

Shoutout to all the Rick and Morty fans out there! While news of a renewal for our favorite adult cartoon took lightyears to arrive, it was well worth the wait, as Adult Swim announced last month it had ordered a whopping 70 more episodes of the animated epic, thus securing the future for the show. So while we might be in for a wait until season four drops, at least we can bask in the knowledge that we’ll be joining the misanthropic, alcoholic scientist and his nervously disposed grandson on many more mind-bending misadventures.

In a recent interview with GQ, creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland revealed the delayed renewal and subsequent order was essential not just for the quality of the show, but for the state of their own minds. “If immortality is unavailable, at least ‘many, many, many more seasons,’ and enough money so that, as Roiland says, Harmon ‘doesn’t have to take 12 other jobs while we’re working on season four.’ That way, Harmon can give Rick and Morty the full attention it deserves.”

We’re piecing together the multiverse world of 'Rick and Morty', so if you ever find yourself aboard the Space Cruiser with your very own alcoholic pops, you might just benefit from our handy little travel guide.

We’re stoked the show was given the deal they were after; not just because we’ve got at least another three seasons of Rick and Morty in the bag, but also because it is a show that deserves the writers’ full attention. Few shows in TV history have enjoyed such range over the years and that’s thanks to its animated format and the creativity of the writing team.

Rick and Morty’s gone from being a gag-filled sci-fi comedy to an absolute cultural phenomenon, and while most fictional shows involving space exploration deal with our own dimension, Rick and Morty take the Sanchez / Smith family’s high jinks to other planets, times, dimensions, realms, and even entire mircroverses (stored in car batteries to supply Rick’s ship).

We’re piecing together the multiverse world of Rick and Morty, so if you ever find yourself aboard the Space Cruiser with your very own alcoholic pops, you might just benefit from our handy little travel guide.

Unity’s Planet (S2E3)

The home planet assimilated by Rick’s ex Unity – a seductive mind hive capable of getting Rick to settle down . . . nearly.

Screaming Sun Earth (S2E10)

The Screaming Sun Earth is one of 765 planets in the Milky Way that are at least 90% similar to Earth and is a great place to sojourn if you’re looking for a destination where the days are 42 hours long and the sun screams at the top of its lungs all day, every day.

Cob Planet (S2E10)

Another planet similar to Earth, except everything’s (you guessed it) on a cob. Great spot for people who think everything should be more like corn on the cob.

Planet Squanch (S2E10)

Six thousand light years away from Earth, Planet Squanch is the home planet of our good old friend Squanchy, who loves to squanch his squanch from morning to night.

Gazorpazorp (S1E7)

The homeworld of the male and female Gazorpians – humanoid figures with six hands attached to their shoulders, waists, and heads. Those looking to Netflix ‘n’ Chill on Gazorpazorp can kick back and watch their fave show Gazorpazorpfield – the planet’s very own Garfield.

Alphabetrium (S2E5)

For all those linguistic loons out there, Alphabetrium makes a perfect getaway – a faraway realm inhabited by an ancient alien race who resemble giant letters of various alphabets. And who knows? May B you’ll C a Q T while you’re there.

Microverse (S2E6)

The artificial, microscopic universe that exists inside the battery inside of Rick’s Space Cruiser. Definitely a great choice for Rick worshipers who believe in the power of an alcoholic misanthropist as their omnipotent ruler.

Miniverse (S2E6)

An even smaller universe created inside the microverse.

Tinyverse (S2E6)

Not insignifiant enough for ya? Try out the Tinyverse – an even teenier universe that exists inside of the Miniverse.

Dimension C-137 (S1E1)

The universe in which “our” Rick and Morty originated and the one Jerry, Summer, and Beth currently inhabit. We see it a lot until they jump ship after it gets “Cronenberg’d” in “Rick Potion #9”.

Virtual Reality Simulation (S1E4)

Attention VR tech heads – we’ve found your perfect vacay spot. Get trapped in a simulation of real life by a race of “intergalactic scammers” called Zigerions, who created this elaborate VR world to try and jack Rick’s recipe for dark matter. You’ll be lost in simulation layers for aeons.

Hamster-in-Butt World (S1E8)

Do we really need to explain this one?

Pluto (S1E9)

It’s not a planet, folks!

The many dimensions of “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind” (S1E10)

In this episode, the original C-137 Rick travels through multiple dimensions to find out how 27 alternate ricks were murdered and thus we are taken through a journey of such weird and wonderful places as:

  • The Citadel of Ricks (the dimension where the Council of Ricks meet)
  • Butt World (self-explanatory)
  • Pizza Universe (where pizzas eat humans)
  • Greasy Grandma World (also self-explanatory)
  • Phone Universe (where phones eat chairs and use pizza to sit on)
  • Chair Universe (chairs eat phones, use people as chairs, and use pizza as phones)
  • Two-Ringed Planet (where evil Rick resides)
  • J19 Zeta 7 (where Doofus Rick resides), and
  • Calaxian Dimension (home to the giant testicle monsters).

And that’s only just scratched the surface!

Uncertainty timelines – S2E1

Following on from season one, everyone’s still frozen in time as Rick, Morty, and Beth sort their shit following that epic house party. All was fine until Rick unfreezes time, a parallel dimension develops, and dozens of timelines created by slight uncertainties are created. Only visit this universe if you’re looking for a brain-scrambling.

Cromulon Dimension – S2E5

If you’re into American Idol (Lord help you), you’d likely enjoy a pitstop at Cromulon Dimension, where a race of enormous floating heads known as Cromulons live and host intergalactic music competitions.

Bird World – S2E5

Twenty light-years away from Earth, Bird World is the home planet of the Birdperson. We’ve heard they serve the best scrambled eggs in the entire universe.

TV Universes – S1E8

In the episode “Rixty Minutes”, Rick installs interdimensional cable that gets shows from every dimension in the universe, giving us glimpses into just a few of the seemingly endless realities such as the world where everyone has evolved from corn, the world where people eat their own purple poop, the world that hosts a violent antiques roadshow, and the world that homes Ants in my Eyes Johnson.

The Promethean Nebula – S2E2

The dimension where “fart” is from – the gaseous being who makes sweet, sweet, Bowie-esque music to befriend Morty.

Froopyland – S3E9

Froopyland is the artificially generated world created by Rick at some point in the 80s for Beth when she was a kid. See – he does have a heart!

Venzenulon 9 – S3E8

If you’re looking for mild weather in the day and -300°F temperatures at night, Venzenulon 9 is the perfect destination for you! And if you struggle with the cold, you can always do like Morty by killing an animal and resting inside its dead, rotten carcass to keep yourself warm. Dream vacay, right?  

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