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When tragedy strikes retired boxer Hoàng Minh in 'The Living Sandbag (Sám Hối)', he's forced to return to the ring and fight for his daughter's life.

The movie ‘The Living Sandbag’- The Vietnamese-Indian collaborative film brings tears to audience in America.

A project which marks the collaboration of Vietnamese and Indian cinemas on the widescreen. The movie The Living Sandbag was directed by a famous Bollywood crew and featured talented actors and actresses like: Binh Minh, Anh Thu, Angelina Raja, Viet Huong, the meritorious artist Thanh Loc, Ramani Raja, Quang Minh, Hong Dao, Sadibou Sy, and Marcus G. . . 

Notably, the main antagonist that left an unforgettable impression to the audience in The Living Sandbag was started by the producer Ramani Raja. His biological daughter, the Vietnamese-Indian child actress Angelina Raja, has also left a strong impression in the hearts of the audience with her natural acting but full of emotion in her role as Dieu, the daughter of boxing champion Hoang Minh Long. 

The movie The Living Sandbag was made by the famous Bollywood action movie director, Peter Hein, and a team full of talented people from Indian cinema, including: director of photography Balakrishna Thota and Dillip Kalicheti, Music Sam CS, editor Manikandan Sivakumar, and others.

movie living sandbag

The movie The Living Sandbag was introduced with marvelous martial-art action, which has completely conquered the audience’s attention. Produced with a budget of millions of dollars, The Living Sandbag has satisfied the audience’s viewing experience with quality martial-art scenes and a professional boxing ring with a scale that matched up to the real version.

Martial art was not the only winning factor; The Living Sandbag also won the audience’s hearts with the emotional journey of a champion. It is not only about the boxer’s ring, it’s also about the journey of a father, who shouldered his family’s hope and happiness.

After many positive reviews from audiences at the time the movie was released in Vietnam and India, the producer will continue to deliver this heart-wrenching journey to viewers in America. The movie The Living Sandbag has officially launched in the US.

movie living sandbag

The premiere event of The Living Sandbag will take place in America in the night session of March 24th, with the presence of actors and actresses such as Binh Minh, Ramani Raja, Angelina Raja, Quang Minh, and Hong Dao… 

With carefully invested story-building, eye-catching visuals, and especially the emotional journey of the characters in the film, The Living Sandbag promises to continue to “bring tears” to the audience, especially to the Vietnamese in the US. The Living Sandbag, produced by Anh Sao Production and VSABV Films, will premiere on March 24th, 2022, throughout the AMC theaters in America.

Film Distribution in the USA: Golden World Global Group and Tram HUONG NGUYEN 

Film media relations: KEVA LINK

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