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The Three of Pentacles Tarot card meaning is mastery, progress, perseverance and self-confidence. Dive into the story of this tarot card.

Three of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

The Three of Pentacles Tarot card meaning is mastery, progress, perseverance and self-confidence. It symbolizes forward movement, without stagnation, ups and downs, uniform and inevitable. Those who have perseverance and conscientiousness, hardworking and willing to wait, will get the desired result. 

If a person takes the help of friends, colleagues, family or an influential patron, his dream will come true. Here are more interpretations of this card: making a profit. Your own efforts and the support of other people will help in the implementation of plans. The person described by the Three of Pentacles is a professional who is valued and respected. 

In The Tarot Guide, it is a card of learning, learning, and discipleship. Reverse Three of Pentacles means laziness, counterfeiting, clumsy work, financial difficulties and problems with the promotion of ideas.

Three of Pentacles meaning in Love

A person will build his own happiness by doing everything right and on time. Those who are married will maintain mutual interest and attraction, the new couple will strengthen the relationship through communication and shared interests, and the singles will meet their soulmate. Three of Pentacles Upright in loving affairs can be also described as:

  • living together;
  • family business;
  • legitimizing relationships;
  • restoration of relations;
  • stability;
  • joint work. 

This card indicates happiness, pleasant memories and events that may be associated with the seriousness of the partner, the fact that he is interesting, active, developed and interested in relationships. A person creates his own happiness, works hard to strengthen the connection. Building mature relationships, emotional and sexual development of the couple. The desire of partners to please each other, care and mutual assistance. Painstaking work on yourself in order to arouse the interest of a loved one and stay with him. Reverse Three of Pentacles in love means that a person follows the lead of others, is not able to attract and retain a partner, can only obey. He does not recognize the beauty of love, does not develop or strive for the development of relationships. Three of Pentacles Reversed meaning symbolizes insecurity and misunderstanding of what people want from each other.

The Three of Pentacles Tarot card meaning in Work and Finances

Three of Pentacles Upright portends success in business, career advancement, lack of debt and strengthening finances. The card portends positive changes, a favorable set of circumstances, work that can be very useful and important for a questioner. Tarologists call this lasso a creative effort. Here are a few more interpretations that describe the card:

  • guaranteed success in business;
  • everything is in your hands;
  • financial flourish;
  • teamwork. 

Promotion and salary increase strictly within the framework of agreements with management. Reverse Three of Pentacles means the wrong choice of career, incorrect partnership. The person overestimated his strength, you need to step back and take the position of an ordinary employee, not a leader. The card advises working selflessly and honestly to get what you want. It guarantees the help and support of people. The Three of Pentacles in Reverse recommends improving teamwork, mutual assistance and patronage. Using the tips of the card, you can competently build good relationships with colleagues, draw up a plan to achieve goals and improve your financial situation.

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