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Everyone talks about bitcoin, but there are several other cryptocurrencies to check. Can Shiba Inu Reach 1 dollar?

Can Shiba Inu Reach 1 Dollar? Are Bitcoin Faucets Worth It?

Shiba Inu coin has risen in fame largely because of its well-developed ecosystem (established in less than 2 years), high level of engagement in the community, and price speculations from retail investors. This is easy to see: the official SHIB token’s Twitter account boasts more than 2.9 million followers as of March 2022m, which is a record among many altcoins. 

The fixed total supply of SHIB coin is quite astounding: one quadrillion coins, which is a figure with 15 zeros. Half of this total supply is found in Uniswap Shiba Inu/Ethereum liquidity pool. This decentralized exchange platform allows users automatic depositing this crypto pair into liquidity pools so that other investors can also trade against them. This procedure is called an automated market maker system. 

Right now, a number of Shiba Inu investors are hoping for the coin to hit a mark of $0.1 regarding its swift 60 times growth just in half a year. 

After Shiba Inu was finally allowed to be traded at main crypto exchanges, it grew by 49,000,000%, and many believe this can happen once again. 

While reaching 1 cent is quite a good scenario, some go even further and hope for a whole $1 price. With simple maths, this leap is only by little different from the one everyone is waiting for: a surge to $1 would mean an increase of another 4,700,000%. What is more, the coin is acquiring a status of a payment form like other cryptos.

So, is it even possible, and can we expect an enormous SHIB coin growth this year? Let us find it out!

Current Shiba Inu Price Prediction: Should We Consider Buying SHIB In 2022?

Siba Inu was nominated for one of the best performing crypto coins over the last week as it gained nearly 5% during this time. 

It is obvious that the coin experiences some growth on top of what is already reached, but, according to many experts, it won’t reach $1 in the near future. 

Here is the reason in simple language: if right now there are about 550 trillion Shiba Inu coins, and in case each coin reaches the price of $1, then this cryptocurrency would achieve the whooping $550 trillion worth, which is a super rare thing. Okay, isn’t it just a number? 

To illustrate the situation better, the whole cryptocurrency market has only now, after more than a decade of its existence, reached $3 trillion of value. This is nearly 300 times more than the whole crypto market. 

A much better way to view a SHIB coin is in terms of how useful the coin with its blockchain can be. 

For example, try to identify the worth of a coin beyond simple price speculation. Time shows that coins that offer some utility are more likely to increase in price. 

How to Get Rewarded With Altcoins and Bitcoins: Crypto Faucets

A nice way to get free crypto coins in a minimal amount is crypto faucets — an app or platform that gives away a little of crypto as reward for performing simple tasks. This crypto is then sent to micro wallets and then can be withdrawn without problems. 

This is a fully legit way to get some Bitcoin or the desired altcoins. While not a scheme to get rich quick, the usage of faucets is a good method to learn about the crypto work mechanisms and get some extra digital cash. 

Are Cryptocurrency Faucets Different from Exchange Services?

Yes, a crypto faucet is an entirely different kind of instrument. An exchange is designed to let users convert digital currencies at reasonable rates. For example, to make a Shiba FTM swap, you can visit, where the most used coins are freely converted in an instant and with no withdrawal fees. Besides, you can evaluate how profitable it is to make a transaction when using a calculator tool. 

Besides, is also a good advisor on investments, cryptocurrencies, and crypto faucets. Check out the blog on LetsExchange to see what is the best Bitcoin faucet for you right now. 

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