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If you need more music in your life, turn to a sheet music transcription service for fresh tunes. Find the best online services listed for you here.

Best sheet music transcription services

Music is a beautiful form of art that is loved globally. Millions of songs and musical tones are created every year. Creating music involves pondering upon multiple technicalities, working in a creative manner & having a sound knowledge of pitch, rhythm, etc. Seems difficult, doesn’t it? You might now wonder how other singers & musicians are able to perform a song composed by someone else. The answer is sheet music transcriptions!

A sheet music includes the musical notation of all the components of a musical piece needed to perform. This would include elements like pitch, rhythm, chord, etc. and is extremely helpful for musicians, band groups, singers to perform. Sheet music is the unnegotiable, ideal, unique, and necessary guide for musicians to perform a piece of music.

Creating a music score needs a lot of musical expertise and knowledge. Given the size of the music industry, there are some freelancers that offer sheet music transcription services. Not a lot of companies have created a name for themselves in this industry by specializing in transcribing music only. This company is My Sheet Music Transcriptions.

About the Founder and Company

The company was founded by Oriol Lopez Calle, an aerospace engineer and professional pianist. Lopez always had interest in music and used to upload his compositions on YouTube. He gained a lot of popularity for his work which prompted him to pursue his career in the music industry. The idea for a professional transcription service came up when Lopez identified that several musicians desired for music sheets in his Youtube channel. As a result, he created a professional service company in 2011 that would provide sheet music transcriptions to singers, pianists, and musicians.

Currently, the company has a team of 25 highly specialized and professional transcribers. The company can be found in large cities like Sydney, London, New York and Barcelona.

About the Music Transcription Services

My Sheet Music Transcriptions provides highly specialized transcription services. The company relies on its experts rather than any transcription software. The team consists of experts on different instruments like piano, guitar, etc. – this ensures that music from different instruments is transcribed by their respective experts who understand it better. Also, a lot of emphasis is put on detail and the music is transcribed note-by-note. With a 5-star rating on Google with more than 630 reviews, the company has delivered more than 19,000 sheet music transcriptions to its clients.

The transcription process is actually simple, fast and accurate. All you need to do is provide the audio or YouTube link to the company and ask for a price quotation. Following this, the company will deploy its expert services to transcribe your music. Once done, you can obtain the transcribed sheet in any digital format of your choice. The expert team merely takes a day or two to deliver your transcription & fulfills rush orders too.

The company provides transcription services for a wide variety of musical instruments and types of music. These include: piano, violin, drums, saxophone, guitar/bass tabs, jazz solos, instrumental/vocal lead sheets, ensemble arrangements, etc.

Pricing Structure

The company offers extremely competitive prices to its clients and puts extra care into the customer service. Keeping in view the heterogeneity of songs and albums, the pricing structure is governed by three main factors: the density and complexity of the music, the length of the song and the instrumentation of each song. The price structure for piano transcriptions ranges from $17 to $45+ per minute of music depending upon its difficulty. Other instruments have a slightly lower and different pricing structure.

All in all, My Sheet Music Transcriptions is an amazing platform to get a diverse range of sheet music transcriptions.

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