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Erotic thrillers dominated the 1980s and 90s. Here's a sizzling breakdown of the sexiest films of all time.

The 5 Sexiest Films of all Time

Truly sexy films are something that’s a rare thing in Hollywood. However, every so often one leaves us in a flutter. Here are five of the best according to those in the know.

Basic Instinct – 1992

This is a movie that truly took the entire genre to a new level following the extreme popularity of Fatal Attraction. This is a movie that had Michael Douglas starring right next to one of the rising stars in the industry Sharon Stone. In this movie, Michael played a detective that was investigating a murder that closely resembled the work of a writer. 

In this movie, Michael Douglas’ character began to have an affair with a very seductive and potentially murderous woman.

This movie, at the time, was known for having fairly graphic sex scenes. This movie was not only well-crafted and well made, but it was also at times a very compelling thriller. It’s also hot and has provided a lot of pleasure according to those we asked. The person that wrote the script for the movie ended up going on to write a lot more compelling and well-received thrillers including Silver and Jade. 

The sequel for Basic Instinct ended up getting released as many as 14 years later but wasn’t as well-received due to declining interest in the entire genre.

Dressed to Kill – 1980

This is considered by many to be one of the exotic thrillers that truly started the trend. This movie was directed by the master of suspense Brian DePalma. He ended up making this movie with a Hitchcock-esque style. This movie starred Michael Caine and the plot is about a woman that is witness to murder only to find herself as the next potential victim.

This movie was largely praised by both audiences and critics during its era. It was praised for being very suspenseful, choking, and lurid. This movie has since been seen to be problematic because it has poor depictions of violence against women. 

The Last Seduction – 1994

A favourite of 3wishes, this movie is about a woman that steals drug money from her husband. In it, Bridget leaves Chicago and ends up seducing a man to kill her husband that happens to be coming after her for the money. 

Originally, the production company that was responsible for the movie looked at the script and figured it would be something for late-night television audiences. However, those responsible for the film set out to make a full-blown movie production that would be much more.

While it was an erotic thriller, the film received a lot of good reviews mainly for it has a great performance by Linda Fiorentino, but also for having plenty of wits and dry humor too. Since then, a lot of viewers have looked at the actress’s character in it and found it to be very refreshing compared to the normal characters forced on women.

Bound – 1996

Before Wachowski directed the everso popular Matrix, they needed to have something that proved they could do it. This is the film that was made as a result. This film, Bound, was an erotic thriller about two lesbian lovers that attempted to steal millions of money from the mafia. During the period, it was very rare to have a lesbian relationship on film, especially one that was released to a mainstream audience.

When it was officially released, critics praised the film for its style and direction. It is also praised for having lesbian leads and an entire plot surrounding them. From there, the Wachowskis ended up going on to create The Matrix and the rest is history. 

Body Heat – 1981

This was a movie that was largely inspired by Double Indemnity. This is a movie that is seen as a classic. Body Heat is a movie about a lawyer played by William Hurt. His name is Ned in the movie and he looks to kill the rich husband of his lover. His lover is played by Kathleen Turner. 

He looks to kill him so he can inherit his wealth and they can run away and live happily ever after together. However, in the film, Ned quickly discovers that Matty isn’t who he thought she was.

During the period, the film was noted for having a lot of graphic sex scenes according to those we asked for suggestions. A lot of sex scenes were left during the cutting phase. However, what the director truly wanted was to create a very tense thriller and these elements were expertly crafted. It is all pulled together by Kathleen Turner’s performance in her acting debut.

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