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D'Iberville is a small town in Mississippi known for its Scarlet Pearl Casino. Here's everything you need to know about this movie location.

Scarlet Pearl Casino is the location of a new John Travolta movie

D’Iberville is a small town in Mississippi known for its Scarlet Pearl Casino. But lately, it has been attracting attention not only from gamblers but also from movie fans. After all, this is where the shooting of a new film starring the legendary John Travolta takes place.

Who starred in the movie “Cash Out”

The movie “Cash Out” is a crime thriller about a father and son trying to rob a bank but encountering unforeseen problems. The film is directed by Randall Emmett, who has previously worked on such films as “Saving the Savage” with Robert De Niro and John Malkovich. In addition to Travolta, the lead roles include:

– Quavo, a well-known rapper from the band Migos;

– Kristin Davis, the actress who played Charlotte in the series “Sex and the City.”

– Noel Gugliemi – the actor who appeared in the movie “Training Day.”

– Lucas Haas – actor known for the movie “The Concept.”

How the Scarlet Pearl Casino became a filming location

Scarlet Pearl Casino opened in 2015 at a cost of $290 million. Its grounds include:

– 68,000 square feet of gaming rooms;

– 300 hotel rooms;

– a sportsbook that hosted one of the biggest bets in history – $3.5 million on the Houston Astros winning the 2019 World Series.

Casino General Manager Luanne Pappas said the crew of the Cash Out movie came to D’Iberville for a month and chose their casino for filming. She added that this has a very positive effect on the image of the city and the casino, as well as on the mood of visitors. Many players prefer to play online, especially since online casinos give no deposit free cash. But with the release of the movie starring Travolta, the popularity of land-based casinos may return. 

Pappas noted that John Travolta is very friendly and accommodating to casino guests who are happy to see him live. She also said that some casino employees had gotten the chance to play cameo roles in the film, as well as to show off their exotic cars in one scene.

Where else is the movie filming taking place?

In addition to the Scarlet Pearl Casino, the other location for the filming of Cash Out was the Synovus Bank in Columbus, Georgia. A bank robbery scene was captured there, with special response teams from the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office acting as intelligence officers.

Filming at the bank took place last June and at the Scarlet Pearl Casino this month. The release date for Cash Out has not yet been announced, but we can expect it to be of interest not only to fans of crime thrillers but also to anyone who wants to see John Travolta in a way that is unusual for him.

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