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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby, Archie, is just too cute. Here are all the best pictures to prove our point.

Meghan Markle’s royal baby Archie is adorable: These pictures prove it

Even though Meghan Markle & Prince Harry left the UK, the spotlight’s still all over this royal couple. The Duke & Duchess of Sussex have been getting a lot of negative attention recently as rumors about their marital problems started emerging. 

We figured Prince Harry & Meghan needed a break from all the gossip & drama surrounding the couple’s decision to leave the UK, which is why we wanted to shift the focus to their baby, Archie. The couple has been trying to keep Archie away from the public eye but there are still many adorable photos of the royal baby.

Here’s our selection of the cutest photographs of Archie Harrison. We bet at least one of these pictures is going to make you go “aww”.

He’s so small!

We know babies are tiny, but it’s always surprising to actually see how small they are. Meghan’s hand looks huge by Archie’s head, and it seems like Prince Harry’s hand is about the same size as Archie’s whole body. It’s just amazing that humans can ever be so small.

Can we also take some time to appreciate Archie’s little nose? We are amazed at how cute he is! It should be illegal to be that precious.

Family photo

Even as a baby, Archie sure knows how to look dapper. Both of his parents look stunning and they’re clearly happy to be photographed with their son. As good looking as Prince Harry & Meghan are, they can’t steal the spotlight away from baby Archie.

We really like how Prince Harry, Megan, and Archie are rocking light-colored outfits. The pastel look is fresh & timeless, and they obviously look sophisticated.

Archie’s puffy gown really makes him look adorable. We adore this picture of the three of them. All of them look elegant and you can definitely tell they’re all royalty.


It doesn’t fail to shock us how adorable babies can be. We chose this close-up of baby Archie to show you how lovely he is. He’s got the most perfect li’l nose & the tiniest mouth in the whole world.

Just look at him! Don’t you wish you could pinch those cute cheeks?

Archie in Africa

Last year, the Sussexes went on a ten-day tour to South Africa. There, Archie got the chance to meet Desmond Tutu, the Nobel Prize winner & hero of the anti-apartheid movement.

Archie and Desmond Tutu seemed to get along pretty well as we got to see plenty of pictures of the royal baby smiling during the encounter. Of course, the archbishop was also pleased to meet Archie – how couldn’t he, right?

Desmond Tutu even joked about how cute Archie is, saying “He’ll be a ladies man”. It looks like Archie also liked spending time with the archbishop since Prince Harry & Meghan Markle uploaded pictures to Instagram with the caption “Thank you Archbishop Tutu for your incredibly warm hospitality, Archie loved meeting you!”

Daddy’s boy

Most of the photos we’ve seen of Archie feature his mom Meghan Markle. Here, we see a cute shot of Prince Harry and his son during a cold day.

We absolutely love everything about this picture. First of all, both of their outfits are great. We just can’t get over Archie’s tiny beanie with two pom-poms & that puffy brown jacket. He looks like a baby bear and it’s just too adorable!

It’s also wonderful to see how happy Prince Harry looks while holding his baby boy. The best part is how Archie also seems to be enjoying daddy time, as he’s smiling ear to ear.

Babies are absolutely adorable, and we couldn’t help it but show you guys our favorite pictures of baby Archie. Even though we haven’t seen much of this royal baby, we’ve seen just enough to know he’s a cutie pie.

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