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Roulette is and will remain one of the most popular casino games. Get ready for the best of the best iconic roulette film scenes.

The 5 very best roulette scenes in classic films

Roulette is and will remain one of the most popular casino games out there for a very long time and for good reason. Whether it’s at a real casino, a party, online, or even online live roulette, you have many options when it comes to how you want to play this game of chance. Keep reading to find out the top three roulette movie moments. 

Poker may be a movie favorite as you may have noticed in numerous Hollywood blockbusters. But poker isn’t the only exciting casino game to have graced the silver screen. For casino players that prefer a good game of roulette and the thrill of the chase, there are some entertaining scenes to enjoy. Get ready for the best of the best iconic roulette film scenes.

Diamonds are Forever (1971): The Whyte House

There is no one that has made casinos look as glamorous as James Bond himself, and this film is no exception. There has been a focus on the game of roulette before and the 1971 film Diamonds are Forever is the best feature of the game within the Bond franchise. 

The famous scene in particular which is worth a spot on this list is set in the Whyte House. When Sean Connery enters the scene, it is into a highlighted table arena that showcases the charm and charisma of the casino. It is among games of roulette, craps, fake diamonds, and romance that the plot of the film unravels. 

Run Lola Run (1998): The Casino

This is a classic that everyone should experience at least once, one of the highlights of German cinema. Both a romance and a thriller, this title is a must-watch as it is also a philosophical examination of life and its countless probabilities. 

One of the most memorable scenes of this film is the casino scene where the protagonist, Lola, needs to deliver $150,000 within 20 minutes to save her boyfriend’s life. Heading straight for the roulette table, she places a hefty bet on number 22 and ends up winning. This tale of luck, love, chance, and realism is a must-watch that includes an exciting game of roulette to boot. 

Casablanca (1942): Rick’s Bar

Not many films have come to be as renowned as Casablanca. Having stood the test of time, this movie is one that every casino fanatic needs to check out: the plot of an American abroad operating a successful club in the city. A valuable prize of travel papers to Casablanca becomes the focus of the plot and first appears at a roulette table. 

These films are certainly worth another look if you’ve already seen them, as they have a lot to offer just like the stakes at a roulette table. Within the realm of casino movies, these scenes involving top casino classics are all great films that have come out of the film industry. 

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