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Looking for new films to make date night more exciting? Netflix and chill with these Korean romantic movies streaming now.

Romantic Korean movies: These are sure to spice up your date night

There’s something about Korean dramas & movies that swings us from one extreme emotion to another. Whether it’s a boy love drama, a thriller, or a young-adult story set in a school or college, Korean movies have an inimitable range. 

Korean movies are also very high on the dramatic quotient. If they aren’t star-crossed lovers already, the story shows the cruel love leaving the characters forlorn or something as wild as the climax pulling old lovers apart. 

Korean movies have also nailed the art of old-school meets contemporary storytelling when it comes to romance. They retain the innocence & old-school charm of love & add adorable moments of intimacy. No wonder they make for a perfect date night watch.

Here are a few romantic Korean movies to set the mood right.

More Than Blue

The story of two orphans Kang Chul-Gyu & Eun-won, More Than Blue is a good example of a high school meet-cute. When two people love each other, life – or death – comes in between. Turns out, Kang has terminal cancer & implores Eun-won to find & marry someone else. Love at its selfless best.

You’re probably going to need a lot of tissues to sit through this one. We know the spicy content is missing, but nothing like an emotional unraveling with your partner. For that, More Than Blue is perfect.

My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl is one of the most famous Korean comedies. It’s bound to feature on every list about Korean movies. This 2001 movie chronicles the life of a college student & this “girl” – the meet-cute happens on a train station – who keep bumping into each other at awkward moments. 

My Sassy Girl takes the essence of romantic comedies & seals them in 150 minutes. The college student falls for the girl, but she’s hard to please. We don’t want to give spoilers but there are love letters & time capsules involved. 


If you end up liking The Sassy Girl, here’s another one from the same director, also starring Jun Ji-Hyun. The similarities between the two movies are easy to catch, but it’s always nice to see a strong female leading a romance. Windstruck follows a young police officer called Yeo Kyung-jin as she hunts down a thief, but in a comedy of errors accidentally arrests a physics teacher.

Korean movies need separate applause for their meet-cutes alone & Windstruck definitely has a huge fanbase for this reason alone. 

200 Pounds Beauty

Not a usual or likely pick, 200 Pounds Beauty stands out for its premise. Plastic surgeries are a tricky theme to navigate, but 200 Pounds Beauty manages to tackle the topic in a romance plot. The protagonist finds a new life for herself as she sheds weight through drastic cosmetic operations. She’s now conventionally attractive & slender. 

Her new identity creates a stir in her life. She’s suddenly successful, but at what cost? 200 Pounds Beauty leans more towards a message of the superficiality of love & don’t even get us started on how the movie handles the issue of plastic surgeries. But it’s a decent watch, very different from the others on this list.

Be With You

Who doesn’t love a good heartwarming love story? This 2018 blockbuster starring So Ji-sub & Son Ye-jin follows the life of a widowed Woo-jin. Or at least, he thought he was a widower until one day his wife returns with no memory. Be With You then goes through another plot twist as it’s revealed that she has to leave in a few months.

Be With You is your regular melodrama with a lot of feels. You might even end up contemplating your own life & loss.  

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