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Caught up with S4E2 of 'Rick and Morty'? Here are all of Summer's dating app matches from the episode, including a recap of the character's antics.

All of Summer’s dating app matches from ‘Rick and Morty’ S4E2

Last Sunday’s episode of Rick and Morty is exceptionally character-driven, revealing their innermost pathos sandwiched (get it?) between one-liners and bathroom quips. “The Old Man and the Seat” shifts our perspective with stray-from-the-norm character pairings and seemingly unconnected narratives. The episode’s emotional tone, however, is downright sobering in its reveal of each character’s existential isolation. Spoiler alert!

As the episode begins with a classic breakfast table scene, Rick simply wants to “go on a solo mission”. Much to everyone’s chagrin, Summer mockingly explains it’s code for gramps having to go to the bathroom. Her innocuous joke is turned aside as we see him take off in a spaceship. 

As the next scene reveals, Rick certainly is en route to a lush potty paradise in which he can do his business in peace and pure relaxation. We wouldn’t mind having exclusive access to such a john at all.  

Back at the Smith house, Jerry takes the opportunity to goad Rick’s new intern Glootie, who has a New Zealand accent (Taika Waititi!), and is very, very persistently trying to get someone, anyone, to develop an app with him. Ignoring Rick’s warning about what is quite literally tattooed across Glootie’s forehead not to do, Jerry helps Glootie develop a dating app called Lovefinderrz.

Turns out Glootie is part of an alien species called the Monogratrons. They’ve mastered the art of superior intimacy and consider humans to be “highly trained to seek love and have no idea how to maintain it”.

As fate would have it, we immediately see Summer fall for the shallow soulmate trap on Lovefinderrz four separate times throughout the episode. Although Beth tries to protect her from terrible choices, what ensues is an absolute smackdown between mother & daughter. 

Thankfully, at this point the narratives intersect once again with Jerry & Morty very clumsily convincing the Monogratrons to end the match-making madness. Glootie hilariously implements a paywall, filling the app with pointless and annoying ads which lead to everyone deleting it. 

Though a whirlwind of events happen simultaneously throughout the 22-minute episode, Summer’s storyline exposes her character in more depth than previously shown in the serious. Her matching spree is animated in rapid bursts, leading from one to the next in a blur of superficial lust and/or fake romance. 

For those who couldn’t keep up with each of Summer’s “relationships”, the Film Daily writers room compiled a short list of the transient connections. 

  • Danny, a moss-green haired greasy dude who works for Jersey Mike’s and attends “25 Phish concerts a year”
  • Jeff, a man at his marriage ceremony with whom Summer matches 

  • Summer’s soulmate girlfriend who barges in on Jeff’s wedding ceremony riding a hot air balloon 
  • A man at the airport after Summer rushes from her flight with the soulmate girlfriend

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