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Who is the new actor stuck 'Home Alone'? Check out the brand new trailer of the reboot 'Home Sweet Home Alone'.

Is this actor replacing Macaulay Culkin in Disney’s ‘Home Alone’?

The world all remembered the face of actor Macaulay Culkin after he starred in the iconic Home Alone movie series as a child. While it’s been over thirty years since the first Home Alone movie came to theaters, it does not seem like Hollywood is planning for the franchise to end anytime soon as the trailer for the series’ reboot titled Home Sweet Home Alone just dropped on Disney Plus, and it looks as funny as ever so far. 

While we’re sure all the older folks who grew up watching and remembering actor Macaulay Culkin humor us in the original Home Alone movie when we were kids, there’s absolutely no way the star can have a role in the new reboots as he’s forty-one-years-old now. Boy, does time fly by way too quickly! So who’s the new Kevin McCallister, and who else is in the new cast? Let’s take a look at all the deets so far here. 


The new child actor

While we’re sure no actor or actress can beat the iconic cast that starred in the original Home Alone movie back in the year 1990, the new stars in the reboot are still pretty great. So who’s replacing the iconic Macaulay Culkin in the new movie? Well, it turns out that our new star is named Archie Yates, and you may even recognize him if you’ve seen the 2019 indie comedic historical fiction film Jojo Rabbit directed by Taika Waititi. 

In Jojo Rabbit, a film that won the Academy Award for Best Writing, Archie Yates played the role of Yorki, the goofy best friend of the main character in the historical fiction movie. His acting was so great in the film that he was even nominated for a Critic’s Choice Movie Award. Ever since he stunned us all in Jojo Rabbit though, it looks like the young actor is ready to make us laugh once more in the new Home Alone film. 

The latest addition to the Home Alone installment that stars the rising child actor is set to arrive exclusively to Disney Plus on November 12th just in time for the Holidays. The movie, titled Home Sweet Home Alone, just dropped the first trailer for the highly anticipated child comedy film, and we could not be any more excited. While there will be new characters and a whole other story, the original concept will still remain the same. 

All about the upcoming movie

In Home Sweet Home Alone, child actor Archie Yates will star as Max Mercer, another young boy like Kevin McCallister who loves to stir up trouble but is also pretty witty and smart. When his family leaves to go to Japan for the holidays, they accidentally leave Max Mercer behind (surprise, surprise). When a married couple tries to break in to retrieve a very expensive heirloom, Max Mercer has to protect his home from them two. 

Alongside Archie Yates, the film will also star Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney as the married couple trying to break into the family’s home. Other stars of the film include Aisling Bea, Kenan Thompson, Tim Simons, Pete Holmes, Devin Ratray, Ally Maki, and Chris Parnell. The film will be written by Saturday Night Live’s Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell, and will be based on the original screenplay, so you know the film will be funny. 

If you’re living for all this nostalgia, then you’ll be even more excited to hear that this is just the first of many old movies that will be getting revivals by Disney ever since they’ve merged with Fox. Other films owned by Fox that have reboots in the works include Cheaper By the Dozen, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Night at the Museum. We can’t wait!

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