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Feeling on edge living in a post-quarantine world? Need some humor? Check out these dark, funny memes to lift your spirits.

Dark humor memes: These sum up how we feel after quarantine

As we slowly begin to be let outside again, the threat of COVID-19 is still hanging. With some states in the U.S. debating a second lockdown, we’re enjoying our limited freedom outside as long as it lasts. We’re still wearing masks, still social distancing, but post-quarantine, it feels like we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

How do we cope? With memes, of course! Here are the funniest memes that explain our dark situation right now. If you don’t laugh, you cry, so here’s what keeps our spirits up. 

There’s always that one guy. 

We’ve been through this for two months! What part of Corona beer vs. coronavirus are you still missing? Either way, The Office still makes us smile, even in these dark times. No, we’re not ashamed we binged it a dozen times while we were stuck inside! 

We want haircuts! 

We went back to our beautician trying to convince ourselves that our roots or had at-home dye jobs looked fab. Now that we’re in the real world, we know how wrong we are. 

Everybody comes out of quarantine looking like a caveman. 

Scruffy beards are the new fashion statements of 2020 for a reason. 

Don’t sneeze near us! 

Even if you’re wearing a mask & staying six feet away, we’re on edge every time you sneeze, cough, or even burp! 

There will always be that one guy at the office

In fact, we wish our work would just issue HAZMAT suits if we have to go back.

Apocalypse bingo is still on

Every news story about an infectious disease somewhere in the world makes us want to hide in our houses. 

We might embellish our experience a little. 

To be fair, some grocery story runs felt like this. 

We’re still not allowed to travel

Most countries are outright banning travelers from the U.S. We wish our neighbors would stop going to crowded beaches. And by the way, COVID isn’t a hoax. Wear your mask so we can go to Europe! 

Looks like more homeschooling is on the way

Unfortunately, this meme still applies, even though we’re out of quarantine.

Back to Target! 

Unless we spent our money online shopping, we’re resuming our Target runs! 

For parents & teachers

Since school districts may be facing a teacher shortage, expect to teach everything to fill the gaps. For homeschooling parents, this applies to you, too. 

Homeschooling is no joke

Welcome to round 2!

What did we do last summer essays

They’re being taken to a whole new level this year. Cue the essays about how we spent quarantine watching TikTok videos and baking bread. 

The plan is, there is no plan. 

Parents & teachers are still feeling in the dark even as September approaches. Some districts are on the ball. Most aren’t. 

The second lockdown will come. 

We’re predicting it will be when Billy makes a mask trade with Timmy at lunch. If schools can’t prevent lice outbreaks, we’re afraid they’re not going to be able to hold back COVID. 

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