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Show us you know FX's 'Pose' better than anyone else and tweet us those perfect scores – and you might just get yourself that first-prize trophy.

And the category is . . . the ultimate ‘Pose’ quiz

FX’s Pose has been taking our summers on a whirlwind adventure for only the past two years, but it feels like a lifetime. Exploring the New York ballroom scene of the 80s and 90s, Pose offers us the good and the bad, refusing to hide the reality of POC and LGBTQ+ discrimination and the AIDS crisis. It’s one of the most heartfelt and honest shows on TV, totally unafraid to wear its intentions on its sleeve.

But more importantly than that, Pose offers a grand cast full of diverse faces to tell an important story. Great performances are present in every episode. Of course no one can shut up about Billy Porter as Pray Tell (rightfully so), but MJ Rodriguez (Blanca), Indya Moore (Angel), Angelica Ross (Candy), and Dominica Rodriguez (Elektra) have all been on fire this season, too.

Have you been watching Pose closely? The stage is set, the trophies are bought, and the judges are ready. It’s time to put on your best look and get ready to vogue for your life. Do you have what it takes to take top prize in our Pose trivia ball? 

Time to walk, bitch! Show us you know Pose better than anyone else, tweet us that perfect score – and you might just get yourself that first-prize trophy.

Take top prize in our 'Pose' trivia ball

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