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Thinking of going on an exciting vacation to a new destination? Check out what the nightlife in Mauritius is like to prepare for the perfect getaway.

Nightlife in Mauritius

Mauritius nightlife is unknown. Although it is underrated, it is nevertheless fun. Because of its beauty and eye-catching scenery, you can enjoy outdoor activities and spectacular views of the outdoors. Mauritius is recognised as the best location to visit. If you want to soak in the heady night atmosphere in Mauritius, these are the best 10 places to go.

The nightlife in Mauritius is dynamic, with beach clubs, pulsating nightclubs, thrilling casinos, and relaxing cafés. The best pubs and bars with foot-tapping music, a grooving crowd, and distinctive drinks and cocktails. Getting a feel of what’s going on in Mauritius is essential if you want to party.

  •  Fifty-Five Lounge Club

Image Credits: Unsplash

The deep violet and crimson décor of this Mauritian nightclub exude a warm welcome. The walls are with life-size portraits of famous individuals, and the lighting, paired with the pulsing music, sets the mood for a fantabulous evening. DJ Ferguson, Think Aloud Band, and Feat DJ Wiky are just a handful of the world-famous musicians that have previously performed at Fifty Five Lounge Club. The vast majority of those that enter this club is drunk. It might be your go-to destination if you want to celebrate in style while dancing to the music.

  • Zoo bar

Image Credits: Unsplash

Wine, dine, and enjoy yourself! It is the company’s motto at Zoobar. For a laid-back and relaxing evening, partygoers gather here. There are no restrictions on clothes or behaviour you may be yourself. Even if you’re not in the mood for anything glass of beer is the best way to relax. It would be a shame not to sample their brew! Crabs en Bouillon is one of the most delicious dishes on the menu and one of the best dishes you should have. The dish’s creamy richness and just the right amount of spices pair beautifully with the sharpness of your beer or whiskey.

  • Kenzi Bar

Image Credits: Unsplash

If you want to have a hippie experience, this is the place to go. The wood chairs, sand floor, cabana-style décor, super chilled drinks, and finger-licking finger-food add to the inviting and welcoming ambience. Music, food, beverages, people, and, most importantly, the Kenzi Bar make it hard to stay away from the dance floor. The audience is typically kind and welcoming, rather than uptight or intrusive. Live dance performances and musical ensembles are among the additional attractions.

  • 7 Merveilles Restro-Bar

Image Credits: Unsplash

The colourful atmosphere of 7 Merveilles Restro-Bar is well-known. The atomic cocktails are a must-try, and the pub, beverages and delectable meals. Pair them with a premium shisha flavour to make the evening more pleasurable. It’s a hangout with gorgeous hookah setups and enticing flames.

  • Lambic

Image Credits: Unsplash

If you have an insatiable thirst for beer, Lambic is the place to go. Lambic is a gastropub in a 19th-century colonial warehouse known for its fresh brews. Around 70 different varieties of freshly brewed beers are available in Lambic. Usually, the lively ambience is by the funny beer games. The majority of them will be made up of ex-pats and locals. During a lull in your conversation, a decent piece of music will never make you feel awkward. Many people will congregate on the outside patio, covered by mango trees after a hard day at work. Lambic has quietly but slowly gained a foothold.

  • Banana Beach Club

Image Credits: Unsplash

Your next-door neighbour, the Banana Beach Club, is a well-known jewel of Mauritius’ nightlife. The banana tree sculptures are the design’s centre point, and they never fail to draw attention to themselves. Aside from that, live music, luxurious design, and blinking neon lights keep the club buzzing. It is also the most fashionable of all the busy nightlife areas in Mauritius since it attracts a young and vibrant crowd.

  • Heritage C Beach club

Image Credits: Unsplash

C Beach Club, Mauritius’ first beach club, is a haven for the affluent and fashionable. The club is constantly jam-packed with hip music and is the ideal setting for the cocktails to run freely. The majority of visitors come here to listen to international DJs on rare occasions. People may stay late on Sunday nights to enjoy the live music, then depart the morning after a lovely Sunday brunch. Come here to experience Mauritius’ best nightlife.

  •  Big Willy’s

Image Credits: Unsplash

Big Willy’s is a massive sports bar that includes a nightclub, restaurant, and beer garden. Sports enthusiasts are well-served and satisfied thanks to the large displays and surround sound system. The well-kept garden, boardwalk, and comfortable umbrellas provide a pleasant atmosphere in the outside area. It’s also rather large can accommodate a large group. If you want to enjoy the best nightlife on Mauritius Island, don’t miss this neighbourhood!

  • Flying Dodo

Image Credits: Unsplash

The first microbrewery in Mauritius, Flying Dodo, was just opened by Lambic. Visit to smell the fragrances of beers and berries, as well as to enjoy Mauritius’ most vibrant nightlife. According to the menu, beer-battered fish and chips in a newspaper are a taste to the crispiness of multiple beers. You can even stock up on your favourite brew at a beer store with glass walls. It is one of Mauritius’ most popular nightlife destinations.

  • The Beach House Bar & Restaurant

Image Credits: Unsplash

With a serene environment and a splash of elegance, the Beach House Bar & Restaurant in the Grand Baie neighbourhood is the ideal destination for nightlife in Mauritius and the perfect place to chill with your friends. If you’re on a backpacking trip or want to sample traditional Mauritian flavours with a modern twist, this is the place to go for nightlife in Mauritius. It is without a doubt one of Mauritius’ most popular nightclubs, where you can unwind and take in the scenery.

If it addresses your question of where to go for a good evening in Mauritius, let us know which one is a must-visit on your list! Plan a honeymoon trip to Mauritius soon to visit these nightclubs and dance the night away. Nightlife in Mauritius would be exhilarating for those who enjoy the atmosphere of nightclubs. Check out Mauritius Packages at Pickyourtrail and get involved in partying.

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