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HBO Max has some of the best movies of any streaming platform. Dive into our list of the best blockbuster hits the popular service has to offer.

Do these movies prove HBO Max is the best streaming service?

The video-on-demand market is flooded with streaming services, so it can get a bit overwhelming to manage your subscriptions. A single person might want to subscribe to no more than two or three streaming platforms, so it’s only logical to weigh all the options. That’s what brings us to the content libraries hosted on each of the platforms. 

If you’re wondering about the gems in the HBO Max library & whether they’re worth a subscription, let us help you with some of our favorite finds. 

Jurassic Park

Not just the OG Jurassic Park, but the entire trilogy. The Spielberg creation about a themed park of artificial dinosaurs makes for the perfect family movie. 

Not only is the trilogy a classic, but it also has the right amount of thrill & adventure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Michael Crichton’s eponymous novel did just as well as the movie. It wouldn’t be wrong to attribute the popular obsession with dinosaurs to the movies. With HBO Max, this experience is available to you just a click away.

The Conjuring

Are you a fan of the horror genre looking for one of the scariest films? Look no further than The Conjuring, coming from the same mind that created Insidious, James Wan. If absolute terror is your jam, you can watch The Conjuring from the comfort of your couch. 

The premise of the movie is now all-too-familiar: a family moves into a new house & soon begin witnessing paranormal events. One day a child is bruised, another day the mother gets trapped in the basement . . . you get the drift. They then call demonologists Ed & Lorraine Warren to help with the situation. 

The Hangover

Starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms, The Hangover is comedic gold. Three friends on a bachelor party wake up hangover in the worst possible way…without any memory of the night gone by. To make matters worse, they have no clue as to the whereabouts of the groom. 

So they embark on a quest to retrace their steps from last night, let memory tickle them a bit, and after a torrent of misadventures, finally, make it to the wedding. For the kind of hilarity the first movie in the franchise carried, it isn’t surprising that the sequels failed to live up to the brand. But hey, The Hangover is inexplicably genius comedy. 

Best in Show

This one is for the fans of Schitt’s Creek, who cannot have enough of Moira Rose. 

Best in Show brings together one of the best star casts, including Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge, Parker Posey, John Michael Higgins, Michael Hitchcock, among others. It follows the lives of participants of the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show in a mockumentary format. 

No other ensemble cast has ever come quite close to being this epic. 


Few people may have understood the movie, but Christopher Nolan’s movies are to be experienced rather than understood. 

As Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cobb takes up the task of corporate espionage through the invasion of people’s minds, he’s driven deeper & deeper into the spiral. Inception makes for a complicated plot, interspersed with oddly emotional moments.

If complicated sci-fi is your jam, definitely add Inception to your watchlist. 

Pitch Perfect

Looking for a light-hearted musical? Pitch Perfect is the movie for you. With Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin, Adam DeVine, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, John Michael Higgins, and Elizabeth Banks, Pitch Perfect combines comedy & music in a way that manages to entertain without getting annoying at any point. 

It follows the story of a college girl who decides to join a cappella group. Things get competitive & brutal from there. 

There are also classics for you on HBO Max, from You’ve Got Mail to Jerry Maguire, from Collateral to Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

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