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What films make you want to go on a road trip? We’ve collected 7 motivating films about car travels in various parts of the world especially for you.

7 movies to make you rent a car and go on a road trip

Movies about travel are not only the opportunity to take a virtual tour to various countries and cities while lounging on a comfortable sofa. Also, they’re a great motivator to pack a backpack with the most necessary belongings, rent a car and go realize your dreams.

Moreover, cars are available wherever you go. For example, renting a car under 21 would be a great way to explore the USA’s incredible beauty. What films will make you want to go on a road trip? We’ve collected 7 motivating films about travels in various parts of the world, especially for you.

Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road

The bright philosophical parable wrapped in comedy tells of the magical journey of Neil Oliver along a nonexistent Interstate 60 somewhere in the USA.

The guide to this satirical parody of reality is a kind of eccentric wizard, fulfilling one desire of a person who will surprise him with something. This person in the plot is Neil. Together with him the viewer plunges into a series of amazing adventures.


Wild, based on the book of the main character of the story Cheryl Strayed, sends the viewer on a journey through the high and dangerous section of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Cascade Mountains. This is the beauty that takes your breath away.

Why does a woman go on such an adventurous trip? Everything is prosaic: to escape from her not-so-simple past, which recalls the death of a mother and a failed marriage. But thousands of steps, abrasions from a backpack on the back and the beauty of North America are doing their job – almost a new person crosses the finish line.

The Holiday

Iris Simpkins lives in a charming cottage in an English province and is unrequitedly in love. Amanda Woods lives in Southern California and recently found out her beloved one is cheating on her. 

On Christmas Eve both women, not wanting to celebrate Christmas alone, decide to take a desperate step: they exchange houses. Unplanned couchsurfing helps the heroines find their love and fully experience the spirit of Christmas magic. This is an incredibly warm and heartfelt movie for family viewing.


There’s some kind of charm in deserts. Although it’s difficult to say whether the young traveler Robin thought about this, in the company of four camels and a dog she decides to cross wild Australia. 

Thanks to her accomplishment and to National Geographic reporters, the whole world knows about the girl and at the same time, thanks to Tracks, everyone is able to plunge into a hot trip through the deserted part of the continent.

What’s more interesting is that the heroine doesn’t run away from any problems or try desperately to find herself, but simply quenches her thirst for travel. Therefore Tracks is largely devoid of piercing and dramatic moments, because this film is about how to set a goal and achieve it.

In the Wild

The protagonist of In the Wild decides to hitchhike across North America to alluring wild Alaska. In the center of the plot is once again a character who decides to go away from home due to problems in the family. He gives his savings to a charity fund, because he understands that he can’t build happiness on money. He throws back the straps of his backpack and rushes for real happiness.

Besides the amazing American landscapes along the way, the hero has to meet many unique people, interlocutors and mentors, each of whom changes his life.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This is a brilliant film for fans of the brutal beauty of such places as the Himalayas, Greenland, and Iceland, as well as for travel fans with the maximum amount of warm clothing on their bodies. But besides an excellent soundtrack and magnificent landscapes of natural beauty, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is also noted for its motivating tone.

The eponymous protagonist (Ben Stiller) is a standard layman whose life is completely unremarkable. But in his fantasies, he can go to any part of the globe. By chance, Walter gets the opportunity to travel from the world of dreams to adventures in the real world, and this turns out to be no less exciting – all thanks to traveling to a couple of islands and the mountains.

Eat, Pray, Love

Liz understands that she doesn’t live the life she wanted. As a result, she decides to divorce her husband, temporarily leave her job, and go on a real journey to all the countries and destinations she had long dreamed of. 

First, the heroine sets off to Italy, where she learns the language, communicates with charming locals, and, of course, eats. After several months, she travels to a remote Indian ashram to pray and lose weight at the same time. Then the trip ends in Indonesia, where the already renewed Liz meets the man of her dreams.

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