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In celebration of 'Broad City' and the Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson’s comedy genius, let’s take a look back at some of the show's best beats to date.

“Yas, Queen!” The most badass moments in ‘Broad City’ history

Airing earlier this year, one of Comedy Central’s best shows from creators, showrunners, directors, and stars Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson, Broad City, ended with a worthy conclusion for our favorite broke New Yorkers.

It might have been their last round, but fret not. The creative couple is currently working on three new projects as part of a development deal with the network: Mall Town USA, Platinum Status, and Young Professionals. Jacobson’s also working on an A League of Their Own reboot for Amazon.

So yeah, no need to write to Comedy Central just yet – there’s still a lot of Abbi & Ilana yet to come. In celebration of the show and the girls’ comedy genius, let’s take a look back at some of the best Broad City beats to date.

Intern slave labor

Instead of actually doing some work at her totally chill sales job, Ilana hires “an extremely diverse ethnic smorgasbord of unpaid interns.” As they work their butts off to do the job she’s paid for (while she walks around in a “white power suit” – pun definitely intended), the episode cleverly tackles racial diversity in the workplace and unpaid labor, which is exemplified when Ilana realizes she’s basically running a bitesize slave trade.

Lincoln’s food philosophy

Lincoln truly is the chill af boyfriend we all yearn for and deserve – he’s cool, he loves dogs, and he’s a banging cook. What’s not to love? Even better is that he uses food metaphors to break down his relationship with Ilana (and explain why his farts are so “violent”).

Bingo Bronson shopping spree

Abbi rocking around Whole Foods with Bingo Bronson while high on a combination of pain meds and weed is all of us at Whole Foods. “That’ll be $1487.56.” No problem, bro!

Abbi = Ilana

When Ilana’s gotta work at the Co-op to get that sweet, sweet organic produce, Abbi steps in to cover her shift, having to pretend to be Illana so as not to ruin her ploy. Needless to say, Abbi absolutely slays the impression of her bestie for lyf.

Judith Light dog

Lincoln once again proving himself to be the man we wish we had in our lives shows off his infinite love for dogs by telling one, “I’d pick up your poop, you’re worth it,” with all the passion of a Loreal ad. He also explains that “black people don’t make out with dogs” and points out why that Afghan hound looks so familiar. It’s Judith Light!

I shit

Let’s face it, all of Ilana’s melodies are great, but the best has to be her toilet theme tune. No one else could make shitting look so fly.

Dishwasher dildo

What do you do when you’ve just pegged your lifelong crush and he’s left ya alone in the house? Dishwasher the dildo of course! Except wait, isn’t that thing plastic? Whoopsie!

It’s 2016, dude

We absolutely love Ilana’s lol appreciation of European dialects, even more so when she shuts down Abbi for requesting a Chinese accent. “It’s 2016, dude.”


An episode featuring Abbi & Ilana on shrooms was a long time coming and when it finally arrived, it really gave their animator Mike Perry time to shine. His psychedelic animations bring Abbi & Ilana’s trip to life, but the funniest moments come from when the pair try to hold it together after Abbi’s boss Dara (Wanda Sykes) calls on her for help. Altogether now: “This too shall pass!”

Trapped in the Matrix

We’ve all done it – you go online to look up one thing and that thing leads to another thing and before you know it, you’re Skyping your friend who also happens to be on the same couch as you. It’s called being trapped in the Matrix and it’s a very real and very common issue.

Off grid

In the same episode mentioned above, the girls go off grid, only for Abbi to get trapped in a ditch. No phone? No internet? No fun! While Ilana tries to get help (by tapping into nature a.k.a. sniffing dog poop and rolling a dirt blunt), Abbi has to find her own entertainment. Which she does. With a fig and some questionable photos.

A visit from Val

Nomo FOMO! The most lol Broad City gag is undeniably when Abbi’s blackout alter-ego Val comes to visit. Who knew she turned into a Judy Garland-esque figure called Val when she’d had a few too many cocktails? The biggest laugh has to be when Val swallows her nose ring after exclaiming with all the cockiness of a bar singer, “I love diamonds!”

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