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Miracles for Kids helps families avoid bankruptcy, hunger, and depression while getting their children the care they need. Discover the group today.

Miracles for Kids recognizes the impact its leading ladies are having

Everyone is going to get sick at some point in their lives, but severe illness is especially tragic when it strikes children. Not only do kids suffer more from being sick, but also their families frequently struggle to make ends meet amidst ridiculously high healthcare bills. Luckily for families in need, there are organizations like Miracles for Kids that are looking to help out.

Since 2002 Miracles for Kids, led by Co-Founder &  CEO Autumn Strier, has been doing everything in its power to help children and their families. The organization works to help families avoid bankruptcy and going hungry while making sure that their kids get the care they deserve. Everyone deserves to live a full, happy, and healthy life, and Miracles for Kids is dedicated to making sure everyone has that opportunity.

Miracles for Kids is always looking for new ways to help families in need. That often means expanding programs and finding new people who are interested in really making a difference in people’s lives. Back in July 2020, Miracles for Kids discovered yet another avenue for expansion, and it brought relief to families all across the country.

360° Miracle is a “growing network of compassionate women trailblazing their way to provide stability for families in crisis.” As part of Miracles for Kids, 360° Miracle raises money to give to families who have a child with a severe health problem. The offshoot group is made up entirely of women, and so far they have done an unbelievable job raising money for families.

In under two years, 360° Miracle has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars to support families in need. The money goes to rent, mortgage, food, and utility bills. It gives families the breathing room they desperately need to be able to fully focus on the wellbeing of their children. The funds from 360° Miracle also support the Wellness Program, which gives families access to social and mental health resources.

If you feel inspired by the women of 360° Miracle, then you can support them by donating to the group or to Miracles for Kids as a whole. Maybe that’s not enough for you, though. If you need to take your support to the next level, you can join the group yourself, dedicating your time, money, and energy to improving the lives of people all around you.

There are a couple of different ways for you to join the women of 360° Miracle. You can attend a 360° Miracle Circle. At those gatherings women come together, share stories, and raise money while organizing for further events. You can find out more about them at the group’s website. You can also join an existing chapter of  360° Miracle or start your very own if your community is in need of one.

To celebrate Women’s History Month and the progress the group has made since 2020, 360° Miracle will host a special “Making Miracles at McClain” event. The gathering will be held at McClain Cellars’ Laguna Beach Tasting Lounge, on Wednesday, March 23rd at 6pm. It will be a celebration, a fundraising opportunity, and a chance for even more women to join 360° Miracle all rolled into one.

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to attend the event. You can still contribute to 360° Miracle and make a difference for families in need. Check out the official Miracles for Kids website for the full scoop on what the organization does, and consider joining 360° Miracle to start helping make the world a better place today.

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