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Looking for the best free Minecraft screen recorder to get a lag-free recording experience? We have rounded up the several top-ranked Minecraft recorders for you.  

Best Free Minecraft Screen Recorders with No Lag

While the popularity of consoles is all-time high, many people still use their PCs for playing games. The fun is doubles when you are able to share the gaming records or special moments with your mates. Luckily, all you need is a competent game recorder to get the job done.           

So, if you love playing Minecraft and want to record your gameplay without any lag, then look no further. In this article, we are going to review some of the best free Minecraft screen recorder tools of 2022.   

Give it a read and find out which application works best for you!

1. HitPaw Screen Recorder

When it comes to the best game screen recorder for PC, then HitPaw Screen Recorder is your ideal choice. This software is developed for easy recording of any game including Minecraft in high quality. What’s best is it records your game in the background without affecting other applications running on your PC.   

Aside from game recording, the program offers plenty of advanced features such as scheduled recording, timed recording, real-time drawing, built-in editor, and live streaming. Thanks to its simple learning curve, even first-time users don’t face any issue while using it. 

No to mention, it is the cheapest game recorder for tons of stellar recording features it offers to users. 


  • Provides a simple and quick way to record Minecraft without any lag 
  • No upper recording limit 
  • Doesn’t interrupt working of other applications on your computer
  • Allows you to draw in real-time to highlight important details 
  • Schedules recordings and timed recordings which are very handy for capturing long sessions 
  • A complete live streaming program 
  • Very easy to setup and use 
  • Works on both Mac and Windows   


  • Editing options are quite limited

2. OBS Studio

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software has been a leading gamer screen recorder for quite some time now. It has a huge customer base because of its open-source nature and flexibility. Games in particular love this program for its ability to record a game as well as stream it simultaneously.  

Without changing any spatial settings, you can start recording Minecraft from its source. But note that it has a steep learning curve, so expect some time getting sued to its interface. 


  • Free to use 
  • Provides lag-free recording experience 
  • Cross-platform support 
  • Users can add plugins to enhance its functionalities
  • Supports many live streaming platforms 


  • It is quite difficult to use particularly for not-so-tech-savvy users 
  • Limited recording features 
  • Not an ideal choice for recording games for longer periods 

3. DemoCreator Video Recorder

Developed by Wondershare, DemoCreator Video Recorder is a handy option to capture Minecraft with no lag. One of the distinct features of this screen recorder for Minecraft is recording screen and audio separately. This gives users more flexibility to edit both individually as they want.  

In addition, you can apply amazing transitions and effects to the recordings to make it more appealing to audience. And what’s more, the program lets you add narrations to your clips as well.


  • Record Minecraft video and audio separately 
  • Built-in editor to trim the unnecessary part 
  • Real-time screen drawing.
  • Capture webcam and computer screen at once 
  • Add amazing green screen effects 


  • No free version 
  • The paid version is quite costly 
  • It slows down low-end PCs which also produces lag in your recorded clips 

4. QuickTime

QuickTime is a multi-purpose program developed by Apple that works on both Mac and Windows. While most people know it as a powerful video-streaming player, it also acts as a basic screen game recorder.

With its recording feature, you can capture Minecraft or other fast-paced games without any lag. Note that QuickTime records at 30 FPS which might not be acceptable to many users. But since it is a free tool, you can give it a try.    



  • Free and open-source for all users  
  • Records Minecraft without any hassles  
  • Users can include the pointers or clicks in the recordings as well  


  • Very limited recording features 
  • Output quality is not satisfactory 

5. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

Just because this program is last on our list doesn’t make it any less efficient than other players. It has got all the features and functions that qualify it as a credible screen recorder for Minecraft.   

The reason many gamers love to use it its support for recording screen and audio activity synchronously. This automatically syncs the games and their voice to get a better user experience. Aside from that, the program guarantees multiple recording modes as well as track the mouse movements.   

More strikingly, users can save the recorded video in several video formats including MP4, AVI, WebM, FLV, MOV, etc. However, many users complain of unexpected glitches while using this software. 


  • An easy way to capture Minecraft or other games 
  • Customize the recording area as needed 
  • Records screen with audio simultaneously
  • Comes with a built-in editor to edit your screencast in real-time or afterwards 


  • Many instances of it getting crashed on Mac  
  • The premium package is quite expensive for the features it offers 


And that brings us to the end of this guide. Now that you know the key features and pros and cons of the 5 most efficient game recorders, it won’t be difficult to choose an appropriate one. 

But if you want the simplest and most comprehensive tool, then go for HitPaw Screen Recorder. With all the impeccable recording features it offers along with a sleek interface, it is arguably the best Minecraft screen recorder of 2022. But the final choice is yours to make.   

For more questions, feel free to contact us!

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