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Is Lil Wayne’s personal chef trying to steal his massive net worth?

Lil Wayne is no stranger to money problems. Anybody who’s been following the rapper over the last decade knows he was locked in a legal battle with his label boss, Birdman, over unpaid royalties and advances for his albums. Wayne won the lawsuit in 2018, but a recent spat with a former employee has made it clear that the “A Milli” hitmaker is still having to defend his sizable fortune.

Is Wayne’s net worth about to take a hit? Here’s everything you need to know about his current financial situation.

Who is Morghan Medlock?

Morghan Medlock is a chef who worked for Lil Wayne for several years. She was recently let go from this position, and is suing the rapper over what she claims to be “retaliation and unlawful practices.” The retaliation, according to Medlock, was due to the fact that she asked for time off to visit her child in the hospital.

In documents obtained by The Blast, it was confirmed that Medlock first began working for Wayne in October 2020, and was tasked with organizing his “menus on a daily basis to meet his particular requests.” She was reportedly on call for most of the day, and oftentimes had to meet the dietary “demands and requests” of Wayne’s entourage, according to the aforementioned documents.

The incident involving Medlock’s child reportedly led t0 Wayne’s private jet being delayed. The jet eventually left without the chef, forcing her to board a separate flight out of Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, the rapper messaged Medlock, informing her of her termination.

Lawsuit drama

Medlock is suing Wayne for $500,000 for wrongful termination. She claims that the rapper owes her “lost wages”, as well as compensation for the “pain and suffering” that was caused as a result of having to choose between work and seeing her concussed son.

The chef claims that her firing was in direct violation of California law, which prohibits termination over missing work to care for a sick or injured child. She also claims that she wasn’t responsible for the initial flight delay, and that it was actually due to the fact that Lil Wayne was getting high before takeoff. 

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Wayne’s rebuttal

While Medlock’s lawsuit appears open-and-shut, Lil Wayne’s camp has fought back. The official stance on their end is that Medlock was not fired because of her decision to visit her son, but because she has been regularly posting videos and photos of Wayne’s meals on social media without his permission.

There’s lots of evidence to support this “breach of privacy” claim. Medlock’s Instagram and TikTok accounts are littered with content that’s sold primarily on the fact that it’s Wayne-related. One TikTok video is captioned: “Lil Wayne’s Favorite Sandwich By Chef Morghan” and an Instagram video titled “Private Jet Set-Up for Lil Wayne” racked up over 150K views for showing off the various candy, beverages, and food on the rapper’s flight.

If both parties are telling the truth, then it appears that both have valid reasons to be aggrieved. Assuming that Wayne has to pay out or settle with Medlock out of court, however, it shouldn’t significantly impact his net worth. The rapper is currently worth an estimated $170 million, so paying $500,000 or (more likely) a fraction of that will not be an enormous loss by comparison.

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