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Buzz Lightyear is back and he's flying even higher this time! Learn more about how 'Lightyear' is already your favorite movie of 2022.

Movie Guide on “Lightyear 2022” – Adventures to infinity and beyond

Lightyear is an animated sci-fi action movie on Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger, and his adventure to infinity and beyond. Buzz is the astronaut toy belonging to Andy in the Toy Story franchise, first released in 1995, with Toy Story 4 being released in 2019. 

Lightyear movie is, however, not a spin-off to the Toy Story franchise; watching the trailer reveals that this might be a chance to know the background story on Buzz Lightyear. For every hero, there is a beginning, and Buzz Lightyear has a story of his own that the team will tell in the movie Lightyear 2020. 

The movie is about Buzz Lightyear, who inspires the toy Buzz in Toy Story. The film offers background on Buzz Lightyear and his space ranger journey. In Toy Story, Andy Davis gets Buzz Lightyear as a birthday gift. Buzz is unaware he is a toy and believes that he is a space ranger on a mission to stop an evil emperor known as Zurg.

lightyear movie 2022

His belief explains his flashy wings and accessories and the skills Buzz uses to impress other toys and that with his helmet open, Buzz cannot breathe. He later finds out that he is a toy. The director of the Lightyear film, Angus Maclane, uses this backdrop to create the movie to answer what movie Andy had watched that made him want to own Buzz as a toy. To explore Buzz Lightyear’s world more intimately, she directed this movie.

lightyear movie 2022

The Move Preview:

The movie previews on June 17, 2022, in the United States and worldwide in all Cinemas, for you to watch and enjoy the magic created by the crew. The film originates from the United States in the English language. The film was shot in New York City in New York in the United States. 

Pixar Animation Studios produced lightyear under Walter Disney Pictures made in color. The film’s producer is Galyn Susman, written by Andrew Stanton, John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Pete Docter, and Buzz Lightyear. Michael Giacchino makes the music that forms the soundtrack for the movie.

lightyear movie 2022

Casts and More:

The movie cast, Chris Evans, plays Buzz Lightyear, Morrisson is played by Taiki Waititi, Peter Sohn plays Sox, James Brolin plays Zurg. Keke Palmer plays Izzy, Dale Soules plays Steel, Efren Ramirez plays Diaz, Uzo Aduba plays Hawthorne, and Isiah Whitlock Jr plays Burnside. 

Tim Allen, who played Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 4, will not be featured in the film as the role will be played by Chris Evans, who you know as Captain America. The definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear as a human character that the toy is based on will explore further on his background. 

Chris Evans had to clarify after fans expressed their disappointment in Tim Allen not playing and voicing the character as he had in Toy Story 4. The storyline here is about human nature, hence the switch in the people speaking and playing the character.

lightyear movie 2022

Chris Evans went ahead to describe how he was living in his dreams as he has always loved animation, and he is lucky to be part of the cast that will be making magic in the Lightyear film.

lightyear movie 2022


The story behind the famous phrase, infinity and beyond. Here is what the trailer reveals. Buzz Lightyear, a human character, is a pilot in a world where it seems there is significant technological advancement to allow space travel. He is conversing with his partner on how they have worked on the plane for a year, yet the flight will take four hours. 

The set is on a planet that you can only assume to be earth, and Buzz is the captain who flies the plane into space. He has a robot cat, Sox, that journeys with him on this journey to freedom. The aircraft seems to end at the unintended destination from what the plan at the launch was. 

Buzz Lightyear meets with the villains on this wrong trail that he must fight and defeat to get back to the original destination. A fight later ensues with the villain, Emperor Zurg, where we see his core character of being a brave and tenacious leader who ensures that his friends are safe and happy at all times.

lightyear movie 2022

The movie Lightyear integrates Buzz’s fiercely loyal, stubborn, and goofy side in the Toy Story movies portraying him as a leader and an action figure. The focus is on Buzz as a space ranger and deriving from the director’s intention on the backstory of how Buzz the toy has ended up under Andy’s ownership is clear that he wins the fight and can successfully fly back home.

lightyear movie 2022

Bottom Line:

The Lightyear 2022 adventure you will be excited to watch with your family. It plays the role of a prequel to the Toy Story films where the human character Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger in an adventure to infinity and beyond, which turns out to be the main quote of the film. You will get to see the hero’s life who inspired the toy that ended up being one of Andy’s favorite toys.

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