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Lightsabers – What are They? And Why You Should Get One

Only a few movies in cinematic history have had the kind of profound and lasting effect that Star Wars has on its fans and the entertainment industry as a whole. Since its release in 1977, selling the film’s props has taken movie merchandising to a  whole new level. One such prop that is a great hit with the fans is the lightsaber. And in this article, we shall be taking a look at what lightsabers are and why you should own at least one of these ultimate movie weapons.

Lightsabers- What They are

Created by George Lucas for his movie Star Wars,  the lightsaber made its first appearance on our screens in 1977. This fictional energy sword consists of a metal hilt that can be turned on/shut off at will and a plasma blade that appears to be luminescent and is powered by a kyber crystal.

George Lucas created this weapon as a way to make the Jedi stand out from the common folk in the movie, seeing as how many believe that only a Jedi can wield the lightsaber (however, a sith can also wield one). It is a weapon that requires a certain level of skill and training and can be considerably enhanced when used simultaneously with the Force. A lightsaber’s blade gets its colour from its power source, which is the kyber crystal. 

This kyber crystal can be influenced by its wielder and the Force they connect with. For the Jedi, the common lightsaber colours are green and blue, however other less common colours include yellow, purple and the very rare orange colour. The sith, however, distinguish themselves from the Jedi by wielding only red coloured lightsabers. Unlike the blade of the lightsaber that gets its colour from kyber crystals, the hilt has to be built by the wielder, so each one has its own unique design.

Lightsabers are used for both defense and offense, with the blades being so powerful that they can cut through almost anything. Blocking an incoming attack from a lightsaber requires a special weapon made with a material that conducts energy like another lightsaber, an electrostaff, and rare metals like beskar. 

Lightsaber Variations 

There are different variations of the lightsaber, such as; the single-bladed lightsaber, double-bladed lightsaber, dual-phase lightsaber, shoto lightsaber, lightsaber-blaster hybrid, lightwhip, cane lightsaber, curved-hilt lightsaber, crossguard lightsaber, and the darksaber.

Why you Should own a Lightsaber

As a star wars faithful, owning a lightsaber replica is the closest you’re going to get to truly feeling the Force. Here are some reasons why you should add a lightsaber replica to your collection of Star Wars memorabilia. If you’re not sure where to source your lightsaber, try Padawan Outpost who stock a great range of replica lightsabers. 

To Complete Your Collection– Fact is, your Star Wars collection is never truly complete until you add a lightsaber. Also, getting your hands on your favourite character’s lightsaber is a really cool way to connect with them and the Force.

They are Perfect for Cosplaying- Whether you are cosplaying for Halloween, comic-con or the next Star Wars fans meet-up, the best way to make your Jedi or Sith costume look more authentic and complete is to add a lightsaber.

They Make Great Display Pieces

Lightsabers are also great for aesthetics, so set the tone for your space by adding a unique and customised lightsaber to your collection. 


Lightsabers are such prominent symbols of the Star Wars franchise that, as a true fan, you just have to own one- how else are you supposed to show your loyalty to the Force? So step into the light (or dark) side today by adding a lightsaber replica to your collection.


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