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For many Western audiences, the introduction to Korean cinema has been through highly popular K-dramas. Here are some steamy sex scenes.

Here are all the hottest Korean movie sex scenes ever

For many Western audiences, the introduction to Korean cinema has been through highly popular K-dramas. These stories are often dramatic or comedic romances centered around a single couple. Another feature of K-dramas is they are very chaste, particularly by Western standards, and usually only go as far as a passionate kiss. 

Korean films however, are not always so innocent and there are many erotic dramas produced in South Korea. In these films we are able to view sexual themes and how they are dealt with in Korean society in the modern era as well as in the past. We are also treated to some incredibly hot sex scenes. If you want to see a Korean romance that ends with more than just a kiss, here are some steamy examples to get you started. 

The Treacherous

The Treacherous has been described as a Korean Caligula so be prepared for a film filled with sexual energy. The story follows a tyrant king with an immense sexual appetite. He orders ten thousand courtesans to be brought to him to fulfill his desires. The king meanwhile is being manipulated through his sexual cravings by a seemingly loyal counselor. 

While The Treacherous references sex constantly there are only a few sex scenes but they are intense and they include a fairly graphic scene between the two female leads. The Treacherous is a wild ride through political intrigue & sexual indulgence. 

The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden is set during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930s and tells the story of a Korean woman hired to pose as a Japanese heiress’s handmaiden with the purpose of seducing her so that others may steal her fortune. The two female leads exude enormous sexual chemistry that makes the love scenes between the two of them comparable to the passion seen in Blue Is the Warmest Color

Scarlet Innocence

This romantic thriller takes the audience on a rollercoaster through lust, heartbreak, and revenge. When a young professor settles in a small town he begins a passionate affair with a young local woman. However, their relationship brings scandal to the town and the professor abruptly ends the relationship, leaving the woman devastated and determined to make her ex-lover suffer in the future. 

Scarlet Innocence has a few steamy sex scenes that would make anyone hot & bothered. The first scene where the couple begins to explore their sexual relationship is one of the hottest in the film. 

A Man and a Woman

For anyone who prefers tender, intimate sex scenes compared to more passionate ones then A Man and a Woman is a bit more your speed. A Man and a Woman is about a couple who have a brief sexual encounter when trapped in an inn during a snowstorm while in Finland. They meet again by chance back in Korea but find that their individual lives are not compatible. However, they can’t deny the burning chemistry between them. 


Obsessed is a romantic drama about an army colonel who falls in love with the wife of his subordinate. The two begin a secret affair but are forced to break it off. The colonel becomes obsessed with winning his lover back until he accidentally exposes their affair. Obsessed shows huge chemistry between the two lead actors as well as a poignant romantic storyline. 

A Frozen Flower

A Frozen Flower tells the story of a king who finds himself repulsed at the idea of sleeping with his new queen. However, he must produce an heir so he employs his bodyguard & lover to sleep with her in the hope that she becomes pregnant. This leads to the queen & the bodyguard falling deeply in love and inducing the wrath of the jealous king. 

A Frozen Flower is a gorgeous story about a romance that is at once gentle & intense. The huge flaw of this otherwise captivating film is its problematic take on same-sex romance between the king & his bodyguard.

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