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After investing in tree removal services, ensure that you work with reputed agencies.

How to Keep Trees Healthy? A Brief Guide

In order to maintain the health of our ecosystem, we must conserve and maintain our tree canopy. To keep your surroundings healthy, you’ll need to hire a professional tree care firm to handle duties like trimming, dead wood removal, and, if required, tree removal. An arborist will be able to treat any tree, no matter where it is located, to keep it healthy and manage its growth.

Infestation by pests and diseases and the effects of transplant shock may kill a tree or plants that are suffering from a lack of water. Any living creature on our planet would perish if it didn’t have access to water. When watering trees correctly, it is essential to remember the following points.

How to restore the health of a tree to its original condition?

Choosing the correct tree and planting it in the right place are critical considerations. Locate a location where the tree will receive enough light and space to develop its full canopy, and then plant a tree that is native to your area. Always double-check before you dig to ensure you won’t disrupt any electrical or other subterranean utility lines or even your own home. Make careful you don’t bury it too deep in the sand! In the opinion of our Davey arborists, this is the most frequent mistake they see. Contact Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. – Portland’s trusted tree service to know more.

Hydration is essential

Make sure you water your trees like you would any other plant! Before your tree becomes thirsty, assess whether it needs water if it hasn’t rained in a few weeks. Mature trees, on average, need one inch of water per week. Watering a new tree might vary from 4 to 10 gallons per week throughout its first or second growing season.

Mulch may help shield tree roots from lawn mowers, insulate them, and prevent the soil from drying out. You may help your tree achieve these benefits by eliminating the grass underneath it and putting a two- to four-inch layer of mulch.

Regular Maintainance is Essential

It takes time and works to keep the yard looking beautiful and healthy. Maintaining your trees is crucial for keeping your yard in good shape. We at Ted Collins are prepared for everything that may come our way. When it comes to tree care, the following methods are often employed: 


Maintaining your tree’s health is one of the most critical things you can do. There is a considerable risk that your tree may be damaged if you don’t cut particular limbs. Many branches may have been afflicted with disease, death, or otherwise structurally damaged. Trimming your trees may keep the disease from spreading to the rest of your forest, limit storm damage from falling trees, and keep your trees in good structural shape.


High-strength steel cables and bolts are attached to the highest crown of trees in order to strengthen their structure. It’s done this way to help trees that have v-crotches that split. V-crotches are formed when the tree stem starts to diverge to the point where it will split. It is feasible to retain the tree together when the branches twist and bend due to the storm by attaching a cable between two huge branches in the canopy. 

Make sure you fix the situation as soon as possible to prevent more damage during the following storm.

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