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This is far from the first time West has had a manic outburst like this in relation to his mental health; are the Kardashians using it to their advantage?

#PrayForYe? Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian the best marketers ever?

Kanye West has been known for his bizarre antics at times, as well as his outbursts that get him and his wife into trouble. But his new outbursts stemming from his presidential campaign are something else entirely. Kim Kardashian has come out asking for kindness and sympathy from the press regarding her husband, but something still seems off.

Like we said, this is far from the first time West has had a manic outburst like this in relation to his mental health. Sources close to Kim say she’s really struggling this time in particular, as he’s tweeted things insulting her as a person during his outburst this time around.

But the way Kim responded to the outburst, calling her husband a “brilliant but complicated person”, and saying that “those who are close with Kanye know his heart and understand his words sometimes do not align with his intentions”, doesn’t sound like a wife in pain.

It sounds like a publicist trying to come out on top. So even if the Kardashian-West marriage ship sinks, Kim Kardashian still comes out looking like the broken ex-wife while Kanye West is the villain. No surprise, considering how the Kardashians have built a reputation for themselves as getting out of every problematic situation unscathed.

Kim “trying to help” Kanye

There’s no way that Kim isn’t trying to help Kanye get treated for his mental health issues behind the scenes. Kim has been outspoken on mental health as part of her prison reform platform, and has made it clear that she stands by her husband. 

Plus, a lot of people fail to realize what mood disorders like bipolar disorder look like, so this gives a behind the curtains look of how these mental illnesses hurt not only the person, but their family and friends. On top of that, Kim addressed the fact she can’t make Kanye do anything he doesn’t want to do – an all-too-real situation many families face when trying to get help for their loved ones.

Blaming the wrong things on mental health

But at the same time, Kim is using her platform to try and beg people to ignore Kanye’s outbursts, blaming it on his bipolar disorder. Before he was diagnosed, Kanye had a tendency for narcissistic behavior and just general ignorance. 

She’s trying to de-stigmatize mental health, but by blaming Kanye’s behavior on his bipolar disorder, she’s ostracizing everyone else with bipolar disorder, saying they’re assholes when they’re in their manic phase. Sure, some of it may be related to that, but Kanye has had a trend of negative behavior long before his mother died, and his mental health went downhill.

On top of that, she’s using his mother’s death from 2007 as an excuse, one that the media has used for years to defend the rapper. While everyone goes through grief differently, if he’s still acting impulsively and inappropriately due to grief after 13 years, there’s something else wrong. 

It’s clear that Kanye is having issues with his bipolar disorder, and should seek help to try and manage it better for his sake. But the way that Kim is trying to use this situation to make herself look like the victim, when it’s her husband suffering, is bizarre.

One giant marketing scheme

Of course, the Kardashians are no stranger to big elaborate schemes to get more views on their show, or get more sales of their various beauty and fashion lines. Kylie Jenner literally hid her pregnancy to score herself more attention, so who’s to say the Kardashians wouldn’t use Kanye’s breakdown to elevate their status?

Think about it: There’s no way that Keeping Up with the Kardashians isn’t filming parts of Kanye’s presidential run. They’re also probably filming Kim’s reaction to Kanye’s meltdowns, and helping improve her image as the sympathetic wife by doing whatever she can. On top of that, Kim will most likely use her platform to encourage mental health reform, making her look better.

Maybe Kanye West has no clue of any of this, but we can’t imagine Kim Kardashian or her mom Kris Jenner planning this out. Since Kanye tweeted about wanting to divorce Kim plenty of reports have come out proving both parties have thought about divorce over their 6 year marriage. 

They could be planning to just cut Kanye loose to avoid any more scandals and work to rebuild Kim’s image away from Kanye. We’re praying that Ye gets the help he needs outside of the television show that is the lives of the Kardashian family.

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