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Did the infamous hoax increase Jussie Smollett’s net worth?

There are specific projects in the life of all artists that not only change their professional  lives but their net worths. Would this be the case for the American actor, singer, and photographer Jussie Smollett after the release of  Jussie Smollett: Anatomy of a Hoax? Although he’s best known for his role as Jamal Lyon in the Fox drama series Empire, this project might be a life -changer for him. 

Jussie Sollett has also appeared in a variety of films & T.V. shows such as: The Mighty Ducks, Alien: Covenant and Star.  Nonetheless, the actor was also the subject of controversy right after being accused of staging a hate crime against himself in January 2019. Fortunately, charges were later dropped but he still faces public scrutiny for his involvement in the incident.

Currently, the star has an estimated net worth of $1 million, yet, this might change very soon! He’s best known for his role in the Fox drama series Empire, which earned him a salary of around $125,000 per episode. Let’s take a look at Smollett’s next project, as well as analyzing  his legal charges & accusations. Here’s all you need to know regarding Jussie Smollett!

Jussie Smollett accusations 

In January 2019, Jussie Smollett was accused of staging a hate crime against himself in Chicago. However, his legal team contended that the allegations were based on false information and that the actor was innocent of all charges. The case generated intense public scrutiny and stirred up a debate about race and justice in America. Although charges were eventually taken, they still haunt Smollett till date. 

Lack of evidence was the reason why charges were dropped, however he did go through a six days detention of his 150-day sentence pending his appeal. Let’s have in mind Smollett is gay and Black, which means that he’s interested in two of the main current political causes: sexual diversity & racism. For this reason it would be delicate for him to create a supposed hate crime against himself. 

This whole situation occurred  during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, through a two-week trial. What happened is that Smollett was convicted on charges for staging an anti-gay, racist attack on himself and then to Chicago police about it afterwards. The actor and singer  somehow maintained his innocence along with the case and his words at court testimony were that “there was no hoax.”

Jussie Smollett: Anatomy of a Hoax

Now you’ll understand where this name comes from in Smollet’s history will portray The Jussie Smollett chronicles through a new Fox Nation docu-series. This five-part docu-series will finally be released next March 13, so we’ll still have ten days of waiting. Hopefully, this series would vindicate Smollet through showing his real experience and grow his net worth. 

Jussie Smollett: Anatomy of a Hoax will feature exclusive interviews with several profiles likebrothers Abimbola &  Olabinjo Osundairo. These two brothers are opening up to the media for the first time regarding the part they executed four years ago in the elaborate plot to stage a hate crime on Smollett. All the testimonies in the series will definitely be very important in the way we perceived the incident. 

According to John Finlye “‘Anatomy of a Hoax’ takes a deep dive into a scam that reverberated through the worlds of entertainment, pop culture and politics.” Also, the streaming platform’s executive vice president expressed: “We’re excited for viewers to hear the real stories behind this scandal from the Osundairo brothers for the very first time.”

Are you excited for the release of  Jussie Smollett: Anatomy of a Hoax? Maybe not as much as Smollet would be looking to grow his net worth. Tell us what you think in the comments below! 

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