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Some net worths are simply impossible to destroy, is this comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s case? Let's dive in.

4 Reasons Why Jerry Seinfeld Is a Great Comedian

Jerry Seinfeld is a stand-up comedian who is also an actor, producer, and writer. Seinfeld’s most famous role ever is in the sitcom Seinfeld, which is a semi-fictionalized version of himself.

Also, back in 2004, he was named the 12th greatest stand-up comedian ever from Comedy Central. Therefore, this itself shows that you should buy Jerry Seinfeld tickets as soon as possible. 

But before you do so, first, let’s see the four important reasons why he is considered a great comedian. Let’s get into it right away.    

jerry seinfeld comedian

Jerry Seinfeld Is Precise

One of the main reasons why he has been such an impressive stand-up comedian for years and years is because he is precise when it comes to working, and he most certainly works hard all the time. 

Jerry has said that he writes almost every day, and sometimes he may even spend years to make a bit good enough for performing it live. Seinfeld’s goal is always to address the perfect timing, get the correct language, and make the proper delivery in order to get the laughs. 

In essence, he is leading the audience to the punch line, and if sometimes he does not get the expected laugh, he will polish the bit until it’s ready and with the right timing. Other comedians will for sure agree that this is sometimes necessary since there simply isn’t another way to be at the top of the game for so many years other than being precise, hard-working, and continuously improving.

jerry seinfeld comedian

His Clean Comedy Attracts Various Generations

Don’t get this one wrong; Seinfeld uses many types of comedy genres in his stand-up performances, not just clean comedy. His style also belongs to comedy genres such as observational comedy, cringe comedy, surreal humor, satire, and deadpan. In fact, he is considered by many to be the king of observational comedy. 

Still, what attracts a mass majority of people to adore and attend his performances is also the fact that he uses clean comedy, which allows his live performances to be loved by various generations. Clean comedy simply attracts a larger audience from various backgrounds and different ages.  

Furthermore, addressing topics such as everyday life, social awkwardness, human behavior, genders differences, and many more, he has a way to connect with people since every single person feels these topics and experiences them in real life. It is about us; all these topics and experiences are about all of us and our lives; therefore, it’s easy to connect and laugh. Also, to be honest, he is a great live performer.

jerry seinfeld comedian

He Acts As Much As It’s Needed

Of course, Jerry Seinfeld isn’t Al Pacino or Christian Bale, but the thing is that he doesn’t have to be. He acts as much as it’s needed, meaning that he doesn’t overact, and he still knows what his qualities are as a performer. The same goes for his live stand-up performances, and through the years, people get used to the style.

And when it comes to comedy, he proved himself also as an actor since Jerry was nominated for four Golden Globe Awards for the Seinfeld show for Best Comedy Actor – TV, and he won one back in 1994. Also, he was nominated for other important awards such as the Screen Actors Guild Award, Grammy Awards, and Primetime Emmy Awards. 

It is true that stand-up comedy may not require a high level of acting abilities, but those like Seinfeld who have won such awards most certainly have some great background that enhances the performance to be even better.

jerry seinfeld comedian

Seinfeld Is Consistent for Years Now    

Jerry Seinfeld once said that stand-up comedy should be like jazz since it is a pure invention of that person performing. But how does one get to that point? The answer is simple: consistency. 

As mentioned above, Seinfeld realized early on in his career that the only way to become better is by writing better and funnier jokes, and the way to do that is by writing every day. And even though he hoped that he would be rich one day, he didn’t focus on getting rich; he focused on becoming better and better all the time.  

We can name numerous reasons why one should be consistent, but the most important one is that it is maybe the only natural way to achieve a great goal and an excellent way to improve your skills throughout the journey.

jerry seinfeld comedian

Of course, some people are natural geniuses, but hey, not everyone can be Leonardo Da Vinci. Most of us have to work hard in order to succeed, and that is what Seinfeld did; he consistently worked to become the best he could be in the world of comedy. So if you buy Jerry Seinfeld tickets for his live performances, you will for sure have a lot of a great time!

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