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What Is The James Bond Roulette Strategy?

The great casino wins of MI6’s great agent, James Bond, are not foreign to anyone. However, as iconic as the Bond enterprise is, sadly, for Australian cinephiles that favour Daniel Craig, no movies were ever filmed in the country. Instead, Aussie gamers are privy to the Australian intelligence operative Alura McCall, in the 007: Nightfire video game from 2002. 

However, with the popularity of the shaken not stirred phrase of the martini-drinking secret agent, came the aptly named James Bond strategy. Whether you are an international roulette player or simply an Aussie that places a few inside table bets, this gambling strategy is likely to be of interest. 

How did the James Bond Strategy come into existence?

Before moving forward, taking a look back is important. The origins of the strategy are clouded in mystery as is the nature of all secret agents. However, what can be deciphered is, that James Bond’s roulette strategy can be also classified as 007. 

The book explains to us he used Labouchere System at some point. But his games of option were baccarat and poker as evidently shown in the movie. When the Bond books were published, this strategy became popular with roulette players and it was mentioned as James Bond System.

The moment this secret agent was focusing on roulette, he started generating his betting strategy. Planning to conquer the odds, turning them in his favour and winning at it. 

The principles of the system

Roulette games require a lot of strategies to ensure real money winnings are obtained. How does this strategy work?  Just like any secret agent, it’s always good to do your basic groundwork, namely finding the best online casino for real money in Australia on a platform that specializes in comparisons for Aussie operators. It’s also the most efficient way to give the strategy a test run, as bonuses are usually offered to allow for the use of on-the-house money practice. 

Now, to apply the strategy bet needs to be split into three parts, which are not equal at all. The first one it’s 70% of your total, the second one should be 25% and the last one will be 5%. But when you lose, the progression comes in, meaning a player has to double their earnings. 

A distant Martingale cousin

This strategy can be similar to Martingale meaning if you lose, then double the bet. But here, it depends on the bet you make since they are three. To bet on high, 19 to 36 normally, the payout is 1 to 1 in both European and American roulette. This is your biggest play, requiring at least 70% of your amount to be on these numbers. 

Then the second one, where you have to insert cash on the Line Bet, from 13-18. Here you need to bet 25% of your money, while the payout is 5-1 and chances are getting lower. 

The last bet is on 5 percent and set on zero. Here the amount is low, but the payout is significant. You can get a 35x wager plus the opening bet if the ball falls in the green sector.

As all avid players know, you cannot solely rely on one type of strategy. Instead, rotate accordingly for optimal results.

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