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Have you ever used the James Bond Roulette Strategy at a casino? Discover the technique and get started upping your roulette game for bigger wins today.

Casinos and Bond

Even though there is a well structured and used James Bond Roulette Strategy, James Bond himself doesn’t actually play the game in any of his movies.  We have to go back to the very first James Bond novel, Casino Royale where we read of him having a few spins on the roulette wheel in between the baccarat games – roulette was in fact the preferred casino game of Ian Fleming.

Inspired by incidents that took place during Fleming’s wartime career on a trip to Portugal (en route to the US) Fleming and the NID Director, Admiral Godfrey visited the Estoril Casio and it was from there that Casino Royale was based.

Baccarat could be described as Bond’s favourite casino game as he plays Baccarat Chemin de Fer in Thunderball, Dr.No, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and GoldenEye.

So, What Exactly is The James Bond Roulette Strategy?

As we mentioned above the James Bond roulette strategy is widely used and perhaps it is because of the iconic nature of Bond that his name is associated with this particular strategy.

In the book Casino Royale when Bond does take a shot at roulette he creates his own betting system which is designed to overcome the odds of the game and turn them into his favour – (at one point he also uses the Labouchere system) Ever since the book was published the system gained in popularity, so much so that it is now referred as the James Bond system.


How to Get Going

The James Bond is what is termed as a ‘flat betting’ system which means that you will wager the same amount every round. Profits can mount up quite quickly, but just like the adversaries that Bond takes on, it can also leave you with a sour taste.

You will need a decent bankroll to play with and this is where the generous welcome bonus offered by a site like  comes into its own as you can surely enjoy some quality casino time with some of the best offers from only the best online casinos around, and using the welcome bonus is definitely one way of making the most out of the Bond system so it’s well worth checking out if you fancy adding a little excitement to your roulette games.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy Explained

In this combination bet there are three different bets required each time.

  • First you need to stake 14 on the high numbers (19 to 36)
  • Next put 5 on a six line placing the bet so that it cover two rows of three numbers (13 to 18)
  • Finally put the last 1 on the green zero

The idea is that by using this particular combination you will cover more outcomes than you might have otherwise done.

Please note that in this method it is the European roulette table like bitcoin live casino which only has a single zero compared to the American roulette table which has a double zero.

If you are playing on an American table then simply split the last 1 bet between the 0 and the 00 segments.

Possible Outcomes

  • If 1-12 comes in you will lose (20)
  • If 13-18 comes in at 5/1 you win 25 (5 profit)
  • If 19-36 comes in at 1/1 you win 28 (8 profit)
  • If the 0 comes in at 35/1 you win 35 (15 profit)

As you can see, landing the occasional 0 really does boost your profits and avoiding the number 1-12 is a pretty good idea.

Strategies are all about adding that extra excitement to your game of chance and using one that is named after such an iconic figure adds even more fun to the whole experience as long as you stay clear of any odd looking criminal masterminds who are pampering a white cat.

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