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Have you run out of medical dramas to binge-watch? Are you still crying over 'House MD'? Here's why we need the TV show to make another season.

One of The Best TV Series – We Wouldn’t Mind Seeing ‘House MD’ On TV Again

Among millions of TV series and Netflix seasons, only a few caught our eye. Some comedies like The Big Bang Theory have attracted millions, similarly, when it comes to dialogue & drama, House MD became a hot commodity. With 8 seasons, 177 episodes, immense popularity, and several awards & nominations, the series became popular among people of all ages. 

Unfortunately, the magical series that has blessed us with information, wit, and drama ended on 21st May 2012. Nonetheless, House MD‘s fans still miss the show and would do anything to revive it. The show left a legacy of faithful fans who still crave a simple yet powerful dialogue by Hugh Laurie. 

Theme of House MD 

Despite millions of fans, there’s still people who don’t know much about House. Well, for 8 seasons, each better than the other, we looked at what goes on inside the mind of an intelligent medical professional whose personality & professionalism, although hurtful, speaks for itself. 

In the show, House and his team of brilliant doctors try to cure complex health issues and rare medical problems from ordinary people. Luckily, the competent team of doctors don’t hesitate to try. From oncologists like Dr. James Wilson to neurology doctors like Dr. Eric Foreman – they really make an incredible team!

Why was House so popular? 

The character of House is known to be misanthropic, brilliant, but really antisocial. As he deals with problems set forth by his many patients, his motto remains the same: “Everybody Lies”. 

Fortunately for him, “Everybody Lies” soon became a trendy catchphrase among millions of fans. We still remember the days when people literally started selling House MD merch with such t-shirts. The show wasn’t all serious & depressing as crazy pranks by House-made many viewers laugh, and his rogue look literally became a thing in the streets of LA!

Why do we want House MD back? 

When it comes to House MD, most people share the same opinions. Here are a few reasons why House MD is still famous among its fans and super fans. Frankly, we all wouldn’t mind having a few more seasons. 

House reminds us of Sherlock Holmes 

Creators of House MD were undoubtedly inspired by the legendary character of Sherlock Holmes. The fictional character played by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is vibing throughout the entire show. House’s traits & life match Holmes in various ways, like Holmes’s street address was 221B, and guess what House’s street address was? 221B. 

Just like Holmes, House was a gifted musician. You can often see him showcasing his skill with different instruments and performing songs. House is a talented pianist, while Sir Holmes was known to play the violin. 

All geniuses have odd personality traits. In this case, both of them had serious bad habits. House was addicted to Vicodin, whereas Holmes was more of a cocaine and morphine addict. Both of them are really, really bad to consume. 

Dr. John Watson, who was a terrific partner to Holmes, certainly had some matching references with House’s Dr. James Wilson. 

House MD is a charming douche

It’s 2021, and our love for bad boys still remains the same! House is also a bad boy but with the moral values and integrity of a gentleman. Although he isn’t the type of lead character we are used to, Gregory House portrays immediate appeal and a lot of charm. 

Confident & stubborn in his morals, uncompromising but brutally honest, House who doesn’t mind calling someone’s born baby ‘just a fetus’ in front of a mother – is undoubtedly the type of guy we all need.

Apart from natural charm, House has unmatched observation skills. Since he has to go through a significant amount of pain, he knows how to handle people and show them the actual reality of their life. Though he pushes people to see the validity of their condition, his humorous side is also something we can’t neglect. 

House & Wilson 

From Ted & Barney to Sheldon & Leonard, we’ve seen some fantastic bromances, but nothing matches the care & consideration that House & Wilson have.

Being friends with someone as complicated as House has its challenges. Their relationship was tested during many episodes, regardless of their occasional fights & arguments. Dr. Wilson knows how to handle House and his quirks. Their friendship and Wilson’s patience is considered irreplaceable, and no amount of Joey & Chandler can replace this dynamic duo portraying some next-level bromance. 

Even engineers know medicine 

House MD isn’t just dialogues & drama. It educates us on a whole new level. Think of all those complicated medical terms and symptoms that you wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for this show. The symptoms are complex, but real. The puzzles are known to confuse the doctors initially until they find a cure that helps them make the day better. 

Remember when we thought Hannah just needed some painkillers, but in reality, she needed the services of professional spine doctors who would perform surgery to cure her medical condition – Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis.  

Musical numbers 

House, the highly-regarded medical professional who had a visible limping condition in his right leg was known to play the piano. Later, he progressed to play other instruments like the guitar. There are many musical numbers in the show and some of them even have real musicians. 

This talented group of doctors doesn’t hesitate to play their favorite instruments, sing karaoke, and just have a real-life bonding moment. We surely miss this and wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

Doctor Chase 

Who doesn’t miss MBBS doctor played by Jesse Spencer? While House holds a certain witty charm, Chase is not behind. His many attractive features, and his attitude to seek inspiration from his mentor certainly added to his character. 

We were head over heels looking at this handsome blonde in a white lab coat. Doctor Mike, who? We wouldn’t mind seeing Chase again on screen! 

Final thoughts? 

House MD is a classic, and we miss seeing the ruthless medical professional. 

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