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We have seen horse-racing crop up in both film and TV, and here is a must-see movie and TV show for horse-racing fans to get started.

Here are two must-see shows for every horse-racing fan

Although horse racing is a hugely popular sport, we don’t see too many horse-racing references in either TV or film. However, from time to time they do come about and when they do, they are often worth watching for racing fans. 

We have seen the sport crop up in both film and TV, and here is a must-see from each category for horse-racing fans to get started. 


This rags-to-riches story is perfect for anyone who loves an underdog. So much so, that this is probably a film that non-horse racing fans would enjoy almost as much as racing fans, so it is certainly one that the family can sit down and watch, not just those who like racing. 

The story is about the horse Seabiscuit, one of the most-loved film animals, although the overall story shows how the horse, trainer and jockey all climb right from the bottom of the pile in the sport all the way up to the top. Their success is built on a lot of luck, but it still gives off the feel-good factor that is great to see in films. 

If you like a bet on the horses but you are looking for a way to view the sport from a different angle then Seabiscuit is a brilliantly put together feel-good film that all the family will enjoy. The story itself is something we all love to see happen in real life sport, whether it be horse racing or another sport, this film is guaranteed to make you smile while watching it. 

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is fast becoming one of the biggest TV shows and inside the show, you will find many different horse racing references. The show has many days at the races for the characters, ownership of the racecourses, and much more based around the sport. 

This is a TV show already with many seasons so if you are looking for something to watch long-term then this is a great place to start. There is much more going off away from the racing, but for fans of the sport, there is a real horse racing theme running through many episodes that you will be able to connect with. 

It is expected that there will be many more seasons of Peaky Blinders created as this show is very popular, and if that is the case then it is fair to say we will be seeing more horse racing references.

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