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Halloween is on the way, isn't it time for some good horror movies? Rip into our list of horror movies on Netflix to get you in the spooky season mood.

Turn off the lights and watch these scarily good horror movies on Netflix

When you can’t decide what to watch, horror movies are your safest bet. They have all the right ingredients: a lot of drama, a dash of suspense, a splash of comedy, and heaps of creatures & ghastly things. Nothing like a rotten zombie to take your mind off of other things. 

In this list, we bring you a round-up of our favorite horror movies on Netflix. Because, why Netflix & chill when you can have Netflix & chills…down your spine?


With Yoo Ah-in & Park Shin-hye in lead roles, #Alive is the ultimate horror movie for anyone who has lived through the pandemic. You know what they say about the monsters under our bed? Those creatures have nothing on the monster of loneliness. Zombies add that extra flavor too. 

#Alive is also effortlessly funny at times. Even if you’re tired of the zombie subgenre of horror, #Alive provides a good fresh perspective on the undead. 


For a lot of people, Jaws may not be the most immediate example of a horror movie — no supernatural or unexplained creatures here, just good ol’ sharks — but that’s what makes it a surprisingly terrifying watch . . . in a good way, of course. 

Steven Spielberg’s shark movie raised the water creatures to terrifying heights, both literally & figuratively. It’s unlikely you’ll go to the beach next time and not be at least a tad bit terrified of the sharks around after watching Jaws. We all love watching a good survival tale, so we relish Jaws, but we may not want to be the one in the middle of its story. 

We don’t mean to over-emphasize here, but the reason Jaws feels like a true horror movie is because of the looming, creeping forewarning that refuses to fade away. You’re constantly on the edge of your seat, wondering what terrifying fate awaits those still standing when you watch the classic movie.

Bird Box

Post-apocalypse? Check. Survival chase? Check. Unexplained creatures? Check. Sandra Bullock embarks on a survival mission that takes her & her children through forests & rivers . . . among other terrains . . . blindfolded to stay protected from the mysterious forces that kill on sight. 

Considering how eerie Bird Box makes us feel about the world that gets left behind after the monster wipes out a major chunk of the human race, it’s hard to imagine this movie came out before our lives had been turned upside down by the coronavirus. 

Bird Box documents the primal fear of living without sensory support in the midst of danger. If that doesn’t make it scary, we don’t know what will. 

Velvet Buzzsaw

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Zawe Ashton, Tom Sturridge in the lead, Velvet Buzzsaw sees the intersection of horror with satire. 

The movie follows Morf Vandewalt, an art critic, with rather questionable ethics and his tryst with stolen art and the supernatural events that follow. The movie is enjoyable & scary at the same time. That’s why it has made it to our list. 

Velvet Buzzsaw gave us many memorable dialogues like this one, “A bad review is better than sinking into the great glut of anonymity”.

The Conjuring 1 & 2

We weren’t going to make a list of the best horror movies on Netflix & not include our go-to in the genre: The Conjuring franchise. The Conjuring movies have every horror cliche in the book . . . including the infamous doll Anabelle. 

The franchise follows paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga, as they appear at haunted houses to negotiate with  spirits. If you really want to feel scared during a movie marathon, keep reminding yourself that the Lorraines were real-life occult investigators & ghost hunters. 

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