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There are tons of hookup sites that are available. Here are some tips on how to pick out the best sites today.

Best Hookup Sites: The Top 25 Adult Dating Sites for Sex and Hooking Up

Love is hard to find.  It’s 2021, and life is easier with technology but Cupid is still stuck with his bow and arrow. We’ve done the hard part of matching the various hookup sites with the target audience. Our list is based on special benchmarks which can guide in picking the best hookup sites.

  • Membership: Some hookup sites are free, while others require a monthly subscription fee
  • Hookup Success Rate: Most free hookup sites are filled with fake profiles and scams. Getting laid could lead to a scam.
  • Customer Service: Some hookup sites have a quick response time to complaints compared to others. 
  • Reputation: Tinder is very popular with its easy ‘Swipe right!’ option.
  • Female to Male Ratio: A high female-to-male ratio is helpful as this is rare on most dating sites

The Best Hookup Sites Reviewed

1. ASHLEY MADISON: The best platform for secret hookups


  • Great for secret affairs 
  • Preferred site for emergency hookups 
  • Free for most women 


  • Men pay to use 
  • Unethical to most users

If you are in search of a hookup and dating app for married people and travelers, then Ashley Madison is your best choice. This app has both paid and free packages with similar features to Bumble.

2. ADULTFRIENDFINDER: Great app committed to hookups only


  • High sex drive in most users
  • Sexting is guaranteed 
  • Free 


  • Ads everywhere in the free version.

Adult friend finder is one of the most popular sites where you can find any arrangement from threesomes to orgies to fuckbuddies and much more.

3. SEEKING: High female to male ratio


  • Higher chances of getting laid. 
  • High female to male ratio 
  • Search function with filter assistance. 


  • Transactional sex is common. 
  • Lots of fake accounts. 

Seeking is a site created explicitly for hookups, filled with successful, rich men who will love to go under the sheath with a sugar beauty that appeals to them.

4. TINDER: Most popular site for every hookup


  • Largest hookup site/app
  • Simple interface – ‘Swipe right!’


  • Lots of scam accounts. 
  • Mismatches are very common.

Tinder is the largest free hookup site on the internet. It’s very popular among the dating community, especially with its ‘Swipe right’ option. 

5. BUMBLE: Power to women


  • Safer for women. 
  • Swiping feature similar to Tinder. 
  • Video sharing available. 


  • Only women can initiate conversations. 
  • Hookups can become serious. 

Bumble is a women-friendly dating app that is somewhat of a revolutionized Tinder. It aims to change the dynamics of dating and empowers women.

6. HINGE: Standout app for hookups


  • Great app for hookups only 
  • Feature allows for deep profile dives. 
  • Feature which suggests matches 


  • Unsuitable for serious relationships 
  • Preferred among younger people. 

Hinge is a dating app designed for relationships rather than hookups. The features of this dating app are similar to Tinder and have a 90% success rate at matching people 

7. REDDIT/R4R: Free hookup site


  • All ages and sexual orientations. 
  • Basic site for dating 
  • Lots of users
  • Free


  • Lots of fake accounts 
  • Slow response time. 
  • Low uniqueness. 

R4R is an acronym that stands for “Redditor for Redditor”. Reddit is a site that has something for everyone with a diverse community; you are sure to find whatever you are looking for. 

8. GRINDR: Best hookup site for gay men


  • Easier for proximity hookups 
  • Great for casual hookup sex. 
  • Direct profiles 


  • Useful to find hookups in cities. 
  • Profiles aren’t usually detailed.

Grindr is the LGBTQ version of Tinder that connects users base on location and proximity.

9. OkCupid: Popular hookup app among teenagers. 


  • Popular among teenagers. 
  • Queer friendly. 
  • Available for 13 genders and 22 orientations.
  • Large user base 


  • Can be unsuitable for older persons. 
  • Community can become too political 
  • Difficult to control matches. 

OkCupid is a dating app designed mostly for the younger generation and LGBTQ users. 

10. MATCH: Hub for senior hookups


  • Superior matchmaking AI 
  • Seven free daily matches. 
  • Global users. 


  • Expensive. 
  • More focused on dating.

Match prides itself as one of the largest dating sites with over 20 years of experience. It is a platform where people looking for serious relationships can be found.

Guide to hooking up with adult dating sites

Right now, there are many sites available for casual dating. This huge number of choices makes it difficult to select the best one for yourself. 

The best way to choose is to check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about online dating and hookups. 

1. Are all dating/hookup sites free? 

Almost all sites and apps are free, but like every other service on the internet today, premium subscriptions are available.  The premium subscriptions come with extra features to improve your experience. Premium subscriptions are available on apps like Ashley Madison and Match.

2. Are all hookups safe?

Safety and security depend on so many factors. The most important factor is you and how conscious you are about safety. Like traditional hookups, you have to first meet the person in a safe public space before moving to second base.

An added advantage to some hookup sites is the extra option for you to take a deep dive into profiles before agreeing to meet. 

3. How secure are dating/hookup sites with my information

Most sites take user information as a top priority, and your information is 100% secured. However, you should also avoid sharing sensitive information with strangers.

4. What’s the difference between hookups and dating?

It’s very easy to confuse hookups with dating. This can lead to one side getting heartbroken in the wrong relationships. Dating can lead to emotions and committed relationships. It’s recommended to know what you want between the two to pick the best sites for yourself.

5. What’s the best site or app for women?

Bumble has the record for being a female-centric dating/hookup site. While matching is available to both men and women on this platform, only women can initiate conversation.

Have Fun Using Sex Dating Sites

While Cupid is still stuck with his bow and arrow and sluggish at matchmaking, many hookups, and adult dating sites are available for everyone. To avoid extra relationship baggage and heartbreak, knowing the right platform is important.

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