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Himiway is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its new range of bikes this month. Continue to see what new bikes are coming out!

Himiway to launch new advanced electric bikes themed on animals

Himiway’s new bike range boasts new electric battery for longer range, oil brakes, upgraded motors and many other advanced features as well as a cool animal theme.

November 13, 2021: Leading fat tire electric bike company Himiway is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its new range of bikes this month. The new bikes have been developed with latest state-of-the-art features to ensure more enhanced riding experience and safety for the users. Himiway has already declared that the latest range will be themed on animals and each model will have a distinct color scheme in respect to the chosen theme of animal.

The latest Himiway electric bikes will be officially launched on November 24, 2021.

“We are excited to share with you all  that we are soon to unveil our brand new range of electric bikes this November. Powered with new exciting features, our upcoming bikes are designed to offer a more superior riding experience for our riders. Cool part is, this time, we have themed the new bikes on animals and hence they will have a new color scheme based on the animal chosen for a particular model”, stated the leading spokesperson from Himiway.

Added to the new color scheme, the upcoming Himiway long range fat tire electric bikes will have other new cutting-edge features as well. One of the most important features of the bikes is oil brakes- all the bikes of the latest range will have oil brakes.

Per the statements of the spokesperson, they have focused on adding new safety features as well for the new range of bikes. The mountain bikes will have shock absorbers to ensure a more comfortable and safer ride across the bumpy uphill terrains.

The spokesperson also mentioned upgrading the bike frame for the upcoming range. The latest Himiway bikes will be released with a more solid frame for better strength, greater load-bearing capacity, and better durability.

The latest Himiway bike range comprises of 3 models – 

  • Premium long-range all-terrain e-bikes

The bike is equipped with Himiway’s new state-of-the-art battery that provides up to 80+ miles on a single charge, assuring the longest range possible. Coupled with an upgraded gear hub motor, the new Himiway Premium long-range all-terrain e-bike has been uniquely designed to attain a groundbreaking distance. The new motor also ensures better heat resistance and dissipation which eventually guarantees higher longevity. Despite all the upgraded features, the bike promises an affordable price point.

  • Electric Cargo Bike

Designed for grocery shopping and running errands, the new Himiway Cargo Bike comes with upgraded brakes, motor, and frame. It has also been powered with Himiway’s advanced battery tech. Another highly notable feature of the bike is the new front headlight that ensures 20 percent brighter light for enhanced visibility while riding late night or early dawn.

  • Softail Electric Bike

The most advanced unit of the upcoming range, the Softail model comes with new improved hydraulic disc brakes for optimal stopping control. It has also been equipped with the new battery for longer range as well as new sturdy frame for lightweight movement and more comfy rides. Additionally, the model boasts the new Himiway motor, Four-Bar Linkage Suspensions and Coil system as well as the largest puncture-resistant fat tires.

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