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RANDRIDE Ebike Review – 2023 Popular Fat Tire Mountain Electric Bike

As a mountain bike enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for the best electric mountain bikes. After being recommended by friends, I got to know the mountain ebike shop RANDEIDE- RANDRIDE Explorer Pro. A few days ago, I placed an order to buy this bike for 1999 US dollars. The overall feeling is very good. Great value for money. A good product should be known by the public, which is the origin of this article.

RANDRIDE Explorer Pro – 2023 popular fat tire electric mountain bike with full suspension frame, SHIMANO hydraulic disc brakes are installed on the front and rear, which can exert high braking force even in bad weather. The derailleur is a SHIMANO 27 speed. It provides smooth, stress-free gear changes. It adopts 26-inch size wheels, which is the mainstream size for all kinds of mountain bikes. The size of the tire is 4 inches, good grip, easy to control, this is the main reason I choose it, because it looks so good. This is the best integrated wheel fat tire ebike I’ve ever seen, and I think this look will be popular. This article will share my experience and review for RANDRIDE Explorer Pro fat tire ebike.

Easy-to-operate frame design

The frame is made of aluminium, which is stable and durable. With an adjustable seat, making it suitable for people over 158cm in height. The seatpost, where the saddle is mounted, features a dropper seatpost, with a joystick, it allows for the easy adjustment of saddle height. This e-bike features a frame design that is user-friendly and functions that enhance the enjoyment of the sport.


The suspension system with 100mm an 80mm of travel in the front and rear, offering enhanced performance for intense mountain riding, this ensures a smooth and comfortable experience. Equipped with SHIMANO 27-speed gear shift system. Whether you’re climbing uphill or cruising downhill, you can easily find the perfect gear to optimise your pedalling efficiency. Furthermore, have incorporated SHIMANO hydraulic brakes on both the front and rear wheels. These brakes deliver exceptional stopping power, whether it’s a sudden obstacle or steep descent, will ensure your safety and bring you to a halt swiftly and smoothly.


Various useful functions

The RANDRIDE Explorer Pro is characterised by its natural and powerful pedal assist function, when I actually ride it, it’s a ride that feels powerfully assisted and very natural. During the ride, I can cut off the assist at any time when I stop. The process is very smooth and there is no stuttering at all.


In addition to driving functions such as a battery with a cruising range of 60+ miles, a 1000W motor, full-suspension system, perfect integrated wheel fat tires, SHIMANO hydraulic brakes and 27 speed gear shift system, RANDEIDE Explorer Pro the best off road ebike is also equipped with colour displays, ultra-bright headlights and taillights, and a large rear luggage rack,and has additional functions such as waterproof and dust-proof, cruise control, and free setting of speed, these functions are very useful for city driving. This time it was just testing on the road proving grounds, but this bike has me wanting to ride it in all sorts of places, from off-road to long-distance tours.

You can visit the RANDRIDE website to learn more about this fat tire ebike:











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