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Greatest movies and shows about startups

Given the fact that millions of entrepreneurs try to build a successful business and get on the right starting point today, it is crucial for them to get much-needed inspiration. Nowadays, it is very challenging to transform your startup into something big due to enormous competition. In our point of view, the majority of novice businessmen can be inspired and influenced by popular movies and shows about startups, so we are here to describe some of them. 

The Social Network

The Social Network is a very popular film directed by David Fincher. It tells us a story about Mark Zuckerberg, who is a famous role model for a vast number of people today. You will see how he managed to establish Facebook while being a student at Harvard at the same time. Also, the movie will show you that he encountered some problems in this process since two brothers accused and sued him of stealing their idea. 

The main point of The Social Network is that it perfectly showcases how Facebook began operating. You will see that even gigantic platforms had small beginnings and CEOs had to go through considerable barriers in order to reach successful results.  What’s more, this movie bears a strong resemblance with investfox story, as this platform was designed to educate and help investors to operate in financial markets, and it needed to overcome many obstacles to prove that it was a trustworthy and legit startup, as we can read here.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley is based on the popular book called – Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer. It shows an exciting story of how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were rivals for nearly 30 years. Due to the fact that this film came out in 1999 before Steve Jobs made Apple one of the biggest companies in the world, it shows Bill Gates winning this rivalry. 

However, you will witness how two of the most prominent and well-known companies started operating back in the 70s. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are the most influential figures who have completely revolutionized the world of technology, so it is certainly worth watching Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Startup.Com features an interesting story about the rise and fall of internet companies when the dot-com bubble occurred. It is a documentary movie explaining the story of GovWorks, which did not succeed despite being a promising startup due to poor management and internal power struggles. 

It is considered one of the best startup movies of all time since it showcases the dot-com bubble era when there was a massive growth in the use and adoption of the internet. Also, you will see how friendship can be ruined due to internal politics. Hence, features everything that a businessman can go through in the process of building a successful business! 

Wall Street

Wall Street is directed by Oliver Stone, who has described a story of how ambition and greed can lead people to fatal decisions. These are the most important feelings and emotions which you need to control in order to achieve successful results in your business. The movie features a famous speech called “Greed is Good” that was made by Gordon Gekko, a character played by Michael Douglas. 

The main protagonist is called Bud Fox, portrayed by Charlie Sheen, who is fascinated with Gordon Gekko and ends up in his vicious web of insider trading in the end. You will learn that it is crucial to control emotions, especially for young entrepreneurs, in order to avoid fatal results. 

The Big Short

The Big Short is a very famous move based on Michael Lewis’ book of the same title. It was directed by Adam McKay and you will come across beloved actors here, including Christian Bale and Steve Carell. The movie follows three separate stories about those people who were able to foresee the American financial crisis of 2007-08 and took maximum advantage of it. 

You will find out about the real reasons why this crisis occurred and see that sometimes taking risks can have an immense outcome in the end. What’s more, if you wish to learn some complex financial concepts and employ unconventional techniques, The Big Short is certainly a right choice for you! 

Boiler Room

It is hard to imagine Vin Diesel as a smooth-talking stockbroker, but Boiler Room has certainly amazed the whole world. If you are fond of the aforementioned movies, you will definitely enjoy this one as well since it is based on Stratton Oakmont, which is a scammer stock trading company. As in Wall Street, the characters of Boiler Room also worship Gordon Gekko and try to use his methods in order to deceive naive people. 

Hence, this movie will teach every young entrepreneur not to trust anyone easily and be careful when they encounter highly appealing proposals. As a result, they will be able to make more reasonable decisions and don’t be deceived by rich traders who give out false promises! 

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