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See how 'Giving Back Generation' Host Raquelle Stevens brings together high-profile guests to share their life lessons with the world!

The ‘Giving Back Generation’ Vodcast is Bringing People Together

Grand gestures of kindness aren’t the only way for people to be good to each other. Sometimes, all you need is a collection of small acts to create a collective of people taking of each other as well as themselves. Giving Back Generation connects the faces behind those small acts and the result is astounding.

In May 2022, Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment and Frequency Production started this vodcast, or video podcast. They wanted space in which high-profile guests would share their methods of doing good in hopes of inspiring their audience members to do the same.

The popular vodcast recently returned for seasons 2 & 3 after a very successful season 1. This time, TaTaTu is the social media platform also featuring new, exciting episodes. What exactly do fans have to look forward to and why should they tune back in for more of Giving Back Generation?

giving back generation

Unto others

Acts of kindness are the most universal love language. This can be as small as giving someone a hug or helping them with their groceries. It can be as big as paying it forward or showing up for someone in a crisis. It can also just be reminding people they’re not alone in their struggles or triumphs.

Giving Back Generation holds space for high-profile guests to share their life lessons. With host Raquelle Stevens, it gives them space to dive into everything from personal experiences to how they give back to their communities. They share their stories so viewers can see the humanity in them that connects them to everyone else.

Most of the guests are creators, but entrepreneurs from all walks of life also join the episodes. They engage in speaking from an honest place about the various journeys life has taken them on. They speak candidly so their truths connect them to those who would benefit from hearing what they’ve gone through.

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Giving Back Generation isn’t just about the self or the individual. It’s about giving back & connecting with larger communities. Ultimately, the vodcast wants new generations to understand the value of giving back using one good deed at a time. The small deeds ultimately become a collective of radically positive action.

High-profile guests share their intimate stories for themselves. More importantly, though, they share their real-life experiences with important issues. They do so in hopes that today’s teens, young adults, and the larger society will see themselves in those experiences.

Some people need to fall on their butts to learn the difficult lessons in life. However, many others benefit from hearing the lessons others had to learn the hard way. Giving Back Generation is for all viewers, but it truly caters to those who’ll learn from them so they don’t have to hurt in the same ways.

giving back generation

Seasons 2 & 3

Season 1 focused on a variety of topics and gave a platform to a diverse set of guests. Celebrities like Selena Gomez & Nina Dobrev showed up to discuss friendship and the struggles of being a public figure. Entrepreneurs like Compton’s own Charm LaDonna inspire others with how she became an award-winning choreographer.

On June 1st, Giving Back Generation returned for season 2. Where the first season focused on maintaining positivity, this one got a lot deeper. Guests discuss their experiences with grief, eating disorders, and what it’s like to survive having been bullied. Season 3 followed with similar themes after its own premiere.

Yet, as much as the vodcast goes deeper, it maintains higher spirits. Chiara Tilesi, founder of Frequency Production, wants viewers to be touched & motivated by what they hear. The vodcast director & producer set out to create virtual space for shared healing for the guests as anyone who takes the time to listen.

giving back generation

Become a fan

Fans – both new & returning – can enjoy Giving Back Generation on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. They can even enjoy it on Apple TV on Roku. There’s so many ways to enjoy this vodcast and see what all the fuss is about. As it gains more viewers, hopefully it’ll expand its online presence.

TaTaTu is a social entertainment platform. It helps users turn social media activities into rewards. It’s also partnered with the vodcast to release episodes like the one featuring pop icon Selena Gomez. The platform also curates auctions & helps entrepreneurs with e-commerce, the virtual selling of goods.

Giving Back Generation has been featured by Elle, InStyle, E! News, Life & Style, and PopSugar. The vodcast has already touched so many people and hopes to reach even more as it releases more episodes. In a world with so much chaos & uncertainty, you can trust that everyone is out for themselves. Some still believe in hope and, if we’re lucky, they’ll share it with the world.

Who’s been your favorite guest on Giving Back Generation? What are you looking forward to in the future of this popular vodcast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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