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We look back at the past three seasons of 'Queen of the South' and judged whether Teresa’s friends (and a few enemies) have a good chance of reappearing.

James or Camila? Which faves will be back on ‘Queen of the South’

Well, Queen of the South S4 has come and gone, and answered some of the questions we harbored about our favorite QotS characters. See how accurate we were in our scores below!

USA’s hit crime drama Queen of the South focuses on Teresa Mendoza, a Mexican woman who ends up in a drug cartel climbing the ladder to the top. It’s addictive and powerful to watch Teresa journey her way through the past seasons to where she is now, but she didn’t manage it all alone – she had help & hindrance from both friends & foes. 

The fourth season of Queen of The South is in full swing and keeping us on our toes. Teresa’s in a new city – The Big Easy – meaning new enemies. She’s lost her right hand man (James) and has a larger cartel to manage with aplomb.

Although joined by plenty of interesting new faces, in season four Teresa has been without many older, much-loved colleagues. Some have met with death; others have gone off to a different life. But many looming faces we love aren’t done with Teresa yet.

We’ve taken a look back at the past three seasons and judged whether Teresa’s friends (and a few enemies) have a good chance of reappearing – or if we’ve seen the last of them. This also includes the dead because . . . you know how this show goes.

One of these characters mentioned is in some episodes of season four, so be wary of spoilers if you’re not already caught up.

James Valdez (Peter Gadiot)

Hands up if you’re not a James-Teresa shipper! No one? Thought so. Pretty much everyone on the interwebz is rooting for James. Apparently, in real life Peter Gadiot is working on a screenplay, but come on. Hollywood doesn’t need another unemployed screenwriter. Put on your leather jacket and give the people what they want: James, glorious James.

James was Teresa’s white knight last season, turning himself over to the CIA to protect her. With everything he knows, there’s no way the CIA would kill him and risk losing all that information. So all the #TeamJames stans can breathe knowing there’s still a chance we’ll see him soon(ish).

We don’t know exactly how he’ll reappear, but with him in the government’s hands, he’ll surely find his way back into Teresa’s life – even if it’s in a not-so-fun twist where he’s technically entrapping her.

Likelihood of reappearing: 10/10
Likelihood of being dead: 0/10

Camila Vargas (Veronica Falcon)

Our favorite bad bitch and drug queen in Queen of The South has disappointed us so far by not making an appearance this season. To be fair, she was banished at the end of the previous season by Teresa, so she’s off in some undisclosed location. At least we know she wasn’t killed off!

Knowing how their relationship works, Camila will be back because Teresa will need her again. Someone’s gotta help girl with her little mole problem, and Camila can certainly assist in that department. 

Likelihood of reappearing: 10/10
Likelihood of being dead: 0/10

General Alberto Cortez (Yancey Arias)

We’d love to say we’re not gonna see General Cortez again, but we can’t even be a hundred percent sure, because Queen of The South plays some serious mind games. At the end of last season we got mere verbal confirmation that Cortez was killed while being tortured. 

We saw the General being tortured – but we never saw the body, just like what happened with Kelly Anne’s reappearance this season. Never trust that anyone is dead unless you see the freakin’ body!

But never say never. We wouldn’t be surprised if Cortez shows up in a flashback or two in the future, but if he miraculously escaped the inescapable again, we’ll definitely be shocked he somehow survived a chainsaw to the groin.

Likelihood of reappearing: 4/10 (flashback only)
Likelihood of being dead: 9/10

Isabela Vargas (Idalia Valles)

Look, we don’t hide our disdain for Isabela – but we’re a little concerned that she hasn’t run her big mouth yet this season. Last we saw, naive Isabela nearly got her mom killed and almost blew Teresa’s plan to save her. Thankfully everyone else is smarter than the petulant teen and she got off scot-free, running back to Mexico.

With her Mom (Camila) out of the picture, we can understand why we haven’t seen Isabela’s big brown eyes yet. But we know she’s not dead (even if she should be by now, due to her own foolishness in a dangerous world), so she’ll probably be back at some point, unfortunately.

Likelihood of reappearing: 8/10
Likelihood of being dead: 5/10 (Yes, she’s that stupid.)

El Santo (Steven Bauer)

El Santo is essentially a cartel cult leader, so it’s no surprise everyone is terrified of him. (We know we are.) Last time we saw him, his warehouse was blown up, then his estate was blown up and his family and staff slain. Teresa helped El Santo escape and lead his infant son to safety. El Santo’s always had a soft spot for Principesa Teresa, but she may as well be Mother Teresa now in his eyes.

El Santo vowed he was going to leave this life behind, even though the CIA took his son. We can’t imagine a man like him not trying to get revenge. He’ll find his way back into this life somehow, even if it’s not by choice. Also, we’re totally fascinated by El Santo and won’t accept anything less than at least one full episode he’s heavily featured in. Not budging on that!

Likelihood of reappearing: 10/10
Likelihood of being dead: 0/10

Birdie (Chelsea Royce Tavares)

The tragic soul of Teresa’s New Orleans bar Siete Gotas, Birdie met her untimely doom after being attacked by Dumas’s men outside the bar: an effective ploy for Marcel to get to Teresa.

We saw Birdie on a hospital slab as dead as a doornail – but as with Cortez, you can never declare anyone officially dead on Queen of the South. Especially since Birdie’s a prime suspect to be Teresa’s mole, and her prized poker chip is still in Teresa’s hands. (Which could totally be a bug/tracking device – why not, they’ve done it before.)

It wouldn’t be a stretch to guess that Birdie faked her death to make herself a less viable suspect as a mole – but it might not be a stretch to think Teresa’s team is actually responsible and what we saw was an elaborate hoax to keep Birdie safe.

Likelihood of reappearing: 5/10
Likelihood of being dead: 5/10

Devon Finch (Jamie Hector)

Originally James’s partner during the time jump between seasons two and three, Devon turned on James and tried to take down both Teresa and El Santo. Last we saw Devon, he made James turn himself in to the CIA to protect Teresa, breaking up our favorite couple. Oh – did we mention Devon was a CIA stooge the whole time? Clowns In America for realz.

Devon seemed dead set on at least bringing down El Santo, so season three was definitely not the last time we’re seeing Devon. We’re not really sure what Devon wanted from James – but we’re guessing that Teresa is protected from the CIA at least for now. (Anyways everyone knows they’re the biggest drug pushers in the world.) Who else is expecting to see Devon whenever we hear of Camila’s next operation going down?

Likelihood of reappearing: 9/10
Likelihood of being dead: 0/10

Whom do you miss most from previous seasons of Queen of the South? Let us know.

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