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Electric scooters are an excellent way to get around your local area for commuting or taking a quick trip with friends. Yet, how far can these scooters go?

How Far Can Electric Scooters Go?

Electric scooters are an excellent way to get around your local area for commuting or taking a quick trip to a scenic vista with friends. In general, the range of an electric scooter can be anywhere from 12-75 miles, with plenty of models offering more or less mileage depending on your weight, battery, terrain, wind, and other factors. Most well-made scooters will go 24-50 miles, and the high-end scooters of $1,500+ will go up to 100 miles or more, but you will pay a premium.

Should You Trust Manufacturer’s Numbers?

Probably not. Most brands are going to do everything they can to make their products more attractive to consumers. They will use the farthest mileage possible when conditions are perfect, and there is a lightweight rider on the electric scooter. They are good starting points to give you an idea of what the scooter can do. The reality is usually a shorter distance, but not by too much.

Different Electric Scooter Types and Price Ranges

Electric scooters can be broken down into three different categories. These combine the common distance, type of materials, price of the electric scooter, and other common factors that make up each product. This is just to give you a ballpark figure of what to expect from your electric scooter based on the amount of money you are spending.

  • On budget = less than $500 in price
  • Most common/average electric scooters for adults = $500 – $1,500
  • High-end, long-range electric scooters $1,500 – $6,000+

How far can on-budget electric scooters go?

With a budget of $500 or less, you are not going to get the most powerful motors or longest-lasting batteries, so expect a range of 5-15 miles. That alone is going to shorten the actual distance you will travel. On-budget electric scooters also are not made of high-quality parts, so they cannot compensate for heavier riders or climb hills as well as other models, also restricting their ability to go the distance. They are great for short trips around your local community and tend to be lightweight for folding up and bringing into your office after a quick commute.

How far can typical electric scooters for adults go?

The average electric scooters for adults are primarily designed for either off-road fun on local trails or, more commonly, for commuting. That means they need to get adults of working age to and from their workplace. You are looking at a 15-40 miles distance, which is great for urban riding. It allows you to charge our electric scooter overnight and then make it to work, run a few errands, meet up with friends for coffee, and then back home again. This level of electric scooter also tends to have some good added features like wider boards, lighting systems, and better brakes.

How far can high-end electric scooters go?

These are the fast electric scooters that manufacturers have spent a lot of time and money developing for people who love to ride. You can expect extreme speeds and distances of 40+ miles, with some of the more expensive models going more than 100 miles on a single charge. These will have the best motors (usually dual) and powerful batteries as well as lightweight, heavy-duty material construction that allow you to take advantage of aerodynamics. You’ll know when you get on a high-end scooter because the acceleration is pretty impressive.

Finding Electric Scooters with Long Battery Life

Battery life plays a critical role in the distance you will travel. Most batteries have a rating on them, like 100 or 500, that tells you how many times you can expect the full range based on the number of charges the battery has had. After you hit that lifecycle limit, the range will slowly start to degrade over time. This is similar to a smartphone. The first couple of years, you get a full charge, and it seems to last forever. After that, you never quite get the same amount of time to enjoy binging Netflix or playing games as you did when you originally purchased the device.

Factors that Affect the Range of Your Electric Scooter

Environmental factors will absolutely affect how far you get to enjoy your electric scooter ride. If you are a larger rider, you will get less distance because it takes more power to move you around. The same is true if you live in a hilly area where you go up and down different elevations. People who love to quickly accelerate than brake will put more strain on battery life than those with smooth acceleration and slow braking. It all comes down to the environment and how you operate the electric scooter.

How Far can a Razor Electric Scoot Go on One Charge?

Razor scooters are great gifts for kids or family members that have never been on an electric scooter before. They offer a lot of entertainment for messing around your local neighborhood without investing a ton of money. You can usually get an average of 15 miles out of a single charge and up to 18 miles if you push it a bit.

How Much Would You Need to Invest in an Electric Scooter with a Decent Range?

For the luxury electric scooters that can take you from city to city, expect to pay $4,500 or more. These will get you 60-100 miles. For commuters and those looking for a decent 20-40 mile range, you are probably looking at around $1,000. Most people shoot for a commuter range because it allows getting to work and a few other stops without having to worry in an urban setting. Cheaper scooters that are under $500 only get you 5-15 miles and tend not to be reliable for heavier riders or hilly areas.

How can You Increase the Range of Your Electric Scooter?

Keep your machine in good working order by checking the tire pressure and ensuring a full charge. Try to reduce the amount of weight you are carrying as you ride, like leaving behind heavy bags full of books. Stick to flat, well-maintained roads on an average temperature day. Extreme heat or cold will affect the battery life. If you can, try to avoid rainy days that leave slick roads.

3 Scooters with the Longest Range

  • Nami Burn – For around $4,800, you will get a smooth ride in an urban setting of roughly 90 miles. This electric scooter can go up to 60 mph and weighs 103 pounds by itself, so this is not a small scooter.
  • Dualtron Storm – A popular brand, this Dualtron will go around 59 miles in distance and has a wickedly fast acceleration. The max load is 330 pounds, so heavier riders can enjoy longer distances as well at a price of $4,500.
  • Emove Cruiser – For $1,399, you will get a long-range scooter of 62 miles and top speeds of 33 mph. For the price, this is a quality option if you are a commuter who occasionally wants to travel around your city on the weekends as well.


A well-made scooter will get you the 20-40 miles you need to get to work and enjoy the open road on a long day. If you have the resources, a high-end model can go 40+, and in some cases, all the way to 100 miles in range. Getting the most out of your electric scooter comes down to the environment you ride in and the weight you have on the deck. Either way, you will get a lot of entertainment and utility value out of an electric scooter that will save you the hassle and money of using a car every day.

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