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Duolingo, a popular language learning app, has an owl mascot that’s been the forefront of many memes in recent years. Here are the best.

Celebrate your Duolingo365 with these terrifying memes

Duolingo, a popular language learning app, has an owl mascot that’s been the forefront of many memes in recent years. The “Evil Duolingo Owl” meme from 2017 portrays the owl as a threatening creature who will retaliate against users who don’t use the app enough.

The Duolingo owl became popular after people started posting the notifications Duolingo would send to their phones. One of the most popular Duolingo memes shows a Duolingo notification that said, “Looks like you forgot your Spanish lessons again. You know what happens now!”

Underneath that notification was one from a home security system that reads: “Intruder Alert (Back Door). Proceed with caution.” These Duolingo memes make it seem like the owl is a menacing animal who really wants people to use the app, but it’s all in good fun.


Duolingo made its debut in 2012. Since then, the app has garnered over 300 million downloads. People use Duolingo to learn languages like Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, English, French, Italian, Korean, and more. The app is free to download and use and turns language learning into a fun game.

To celebrate how much people have accomplished with the app in 2020, Duolingo released personalized statistics for each user. The stats include minutes spent learning a language, XP points earned, a rank compared to other people, and amount of words studied.

People are posting screenshots of their stats using the hashtag #Duolingo365. This also caused more Duolingo memes to resurface. People are also using this opportunity to remember how terrifying the seemingly cute owl can be.

Year in review

Most people took the hashtag seriously. They ignored the fact the little owl is a bit demanding at times and described their love for the app. This is one tweet that talked about Duolingo in a positive way.

Apologize in French

Some of the Duolingo memes using the #Duolingo365 hashtag brought back the popular Duolingo meme photo from 2017.

Keep Duo away

Some Twitter users shared the notifications they’d recently received from the app. Someone got a notification that said, “5 minutes of French a day keeps Duo away!”

Don’t miss your lessons

This tweet also shares a Duolingo notification. This one is about missing an Italian lesson. A notification below it is a message from “Dad” asking why the Mafia is at the house. Even though some of these notification Duolingo memes probably aren’t real, they’re funny to read.

Don’t lose your streak

Some people don’t want to lose their Duolingo streaks. By using the app each day, you keep your streak. The app counts how many days in a row a user logs into the app and learns a language. This Twitter user made a joke about how the Duolingo owl might get threatening if the streak is lost.

Fear the Duo bird

This Twitter user said the Duolingo stats look like a meme themselves. “I’m scared of you duo bird,” the user said.

Spanish or vanish

The hashtag #SpanishOrVanish has also been used to host some funny Duolingo memes in the past. Right before #Duolingo365 really started picking up on Twitter, this tweet was posted. It has the Duolingo owl along with quotes including “Spanish or vanish,” “French or revenge,” “Thai or die,” and “Japanese or cap your knees.” 

How to access your own #Duolingo365 stats

Duolingo sent many users their “year in review” stats via email. People without one of the fancy messages from Duolingo with the cute graphics can still access their stats. It won’t be as elaborate as the ones trending in #Duolingo365, but the stats are useful regardless.

If you’re already a Duolingo user, just open the app to see your stats. If you’re a new user, just make an account in the app and start learning a language.

At the bottom of the Duolingo app, there are some buttons. The third one over (second one if you’re not learning a language that has “stories”) with the person’s head is the one to click on in order to view your stats. That button takes you to your profile, where you can see stats including a streak, total XP, total crowns, and league. 

These stats aren’t as fun as the ones on Twitter right now, but they’ll give you a good idea of how you’ve been using the app! 

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