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'Clueless' is a bastion of teen movie history. Let’s take a look at all the reasons Dionne “Dee” Davenport was a total Betty, and then some.

Whatever: Dionne’s most memorable moments in 90s hit ‘Clueless’

Ever since Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and the rest of the Beverly Hills clan launched onto our screens back in 1995, Clueless has maintained its title as the “phattest movie eva”. The modern take on Jane Austen’s Emma became a surprise hit, giving birth to an entire dictionary of catchphrases still spoken to this day (“as if!”) and securing its spot as a major part of pop culture.

Although it’s easy to forget the film is over two decades old, the reality of its age was slapped in our faces when Stacey Dash (you know, Cher’s BFF Dionne) ran for Congress in California. Say wut? Don’t worry, she withdrew from the race.

Causing controversy with her political stance, Dash is a far cry from her box-braid days. However, it doesn’t take away from the impact her character in Clueless had on teen movie history and in celebration of this, let’s take a look at all the reasons Dionne “Dee” Davenport was a total Betty, and then some.

When Dionne roasts Amber

The girls’ arch-nemesis Amber (Elisa Donovan) fulfills every popular girl stereotype, being snobbish, mean-spirited, and spiteful. Still, she was no match for Dionne’s quick wit and sharp tongue. “There goes your social life!”

Dionne’s sweetness & sympathy

One of the most touching elements of Clueless’s storyline is the fact that Cher & Dionne are a fresh spin on the concept of high-school cliques – popular girls who are kind & inclusive. Instead of shunning Tai (Brittany Murphy), Dionne helps Cher take the new girl under their wings to guide her through the perils of high school lyf.

The freeway freakout

Dionne provides one of the film’s many LOL moments when she accidentally veers onto the freeway. Both Dee and Cher deal with it the way every new driver would – with a lot of screaming and a little bit of crying.

Dionne’s badass makeup skills

Dionne is like the Ghostbusters of the makeup world. Date emergency? Transformative makeover? Who you gonna call? Dee Davenport!

We all remember the moment she was called upon by Cher to help control the “flushing”before that oh-so important night with Christian (although the date itself turned out to be the result of the most misread signals eva).

Dionne’s (at times brutal) honesty

Cher: “Would you call me selfish?”
Dionne: “No, not to your face.”
You can always count on your BFF to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Dionne’s loyalty to Cher

Cher & Dionne taught us what best buddies should be and Dee’s loyalty was testament to their friendship – she always stuck by Cher, always offered a buddy to shop with, and no matter what, always offered a friendly voice on the end of her flip phone.

When Dionne threatens to call Murray’s mom

Dionne kept her long-term bae Murray (Donald Faison) in check, especially when he tried to “keep it real” and bic-shave his head. Dionne’s solution? Calling his mom, obviously.

Dionne’s relationship with Murray in general

Dionne and Murray are, like, so the cutest on-screen couple of all time, and while they might indulge in a little bit too much PDA, they make up for it in style, wit, and just generally being a pair of badasses. #couplegoals

Last but definitely not least – Dionne’s iconic style

Let’s face it – we could’ve made an entire list on Dionne’s fly outfit choices alone. Every single ensemble she wore on Clueless still creates a stir in fashion circles to this day, particularly the infamous matching plaid schoolgirl uniform. Both Cher and Dee were two sides of the same coin, Dee’s side being notably edgier and more daring.

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