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Need a little dark humor chuckle? Check out these wildly inappropriate jokes from the classic webcomic 'Cyanide and Happiness'.

‘Cyanide and Happiness’: The top dark humor jokes from the webcomic

Cyanide and Happiness is a webcomic published on and written & illustrated by Rob DenBlyker, Kris Wilson, and Dave McElfatrick. Many of the comics have gone viral and gained popularity through being shared on Facebook, LiveJournal, and Twitter. The artistry is simple, but the jokes are hilarious.

The humor in these comics range from dad-joke puns to extremely dark humor. Here are some of the top dark humor jokes from Cyanide and Happiness

Blaming the kids for the divorce

Many parents do not want their kids to think their divorce had anything to do with the kids. These parents have a different logic as they want their kid to be the perfect person to blame for the divorce. 

Always be quiet in the library

Public shootings are nothing to make fun of. However, this webcomic does give a rather funny solution to a terrible situation. 

The prank has gone wrong

Writing “kick me” or “punch me” on somebody’s back is a classic prank. However, writing “kick me” on a pregnant woman’s stomach is probably not the best idea. 


Too much politics

Sometimes reading about or watching the news about politics can be bad for one’s mental health. This guy clearly had enough as he takes his head off and hurls it into the sun

Prostate exam took a turn

Cyanide and Happiness sometimes finds humor in the unexpected reveal. Here, the actual reveal of where the doctor’s hand is made for a gut-busting joke. Now is not the time for the doctor to be moving his fingers around. 

The clouds snap back

Cloud-watching is a relaxing activity during which watchers make comparisons between cloud shapes and more solid objects. In this comic, the clouds have feelings and throw insults back to the people who are making suggestions about their shapes. 

You are not the father

The dad got something in the mail and the kid is curious,  of course. Unfortunately for the kid, he may have to start looking for who his real dad is. 

“Cup of Joe” gets a new meaning

This is another comic that is all about the reveal. It looks like the character is making a nice pot of coffee, but the reveal of the crematorium makes a much darker suggestion about what he’s really making. 

Dad uses dad joke to insult his kid

Dad jokes are fun ways for dads to use puns to make lame jokes that are still somewhat funny. However, his son finds nothing about his dad using jokes to call him stupid.

Too soon?

We all know how Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, tragically died. The barber took a suggestion to look like the rockstar a bit too literally. This comic is so shocking in its dark humor that it still manages to be funny. 

Cyanide and Happiness has a lot more dark humor comics that will both shock and make you laugh. These comics only skim the surface of just how dark these comics can get.

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