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If you’re trying to grow your brand, video content is the way forward. Here are our top tips for creating stellar video content to boost your brand ASAP!

Top Tips for Creating Video Content to Grow Your Brand

If you’re trying to grow your brand, whether it’s your personal brand or corporate identity, video content is the way forward. The world is consuming video content like never before, and people are spending the majority of their time watching videos, with popular platforms such as TikTok, taking the world by storm. It has been so popular that many other platforms, such Instagram and Facebook, have changed significantly in recent years from simply sharing updates and pictures, to stories, Reels and long-form videos. Just as these platforms have adapted to the needs of consumers, your brand has to as well if it wants to be visible, and grow. Nailing video content as a brand can ensure that you skyrocket your growth and your business reaches new heights. Here are some top tips to help your video content thrive.

What is video content? 

Video content can come in a variety of formats, for example, vlogs, live videos, recorded presentations, and animated GIFs, but must include a feature.

Why is video content important?

It has been reported by Google, that 60% of consumers in America prefer watching videos than they do live TV. Due to the growing interest in video content, the majority of businesses are increasing their video production budgets to keep up with the demand. Video content is vital if you want to be competitive in your market, and get your brand seen by the right customers. Attention spans are decreasing, and video content is a great way to grab attention quickly and share your product or service. Video content has many benefits, including:

  • Sharing messages about your brand
  • A better way to connect with your customers and build deeper relationships
  • An opportunity to tell stories and invoke emotions
  • It makes information quick and easy to digest

It has been reported that videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than images, and the volume of video consumption on mobile increases by 100% each year. Video content is therefore vital for any brand that wants to grow. 

Tips for creating video content to grow your brand 

Whether you are new to creating video content or feel like your content is not currently working for you, here are some top tips that will ensure your video content can effectively grow your brand.

Create a strategy

You should always create a video content strategy before you make any content. This will ensure that you are not randomly making content and guessing what consumers want. A good strategy will include thorough research into the market and your competitors, as well as top trends. This will give your content direction and focus, and mean that you can produce valuable content that is consistent, and of high quality. It will ensure you are well organized and can produce the content in advance. This can be great for scheduling content and building momentum on your platforms. 

Start with a hook

You need your audience to click on your video, as well as stay to watch the contents and engage with your business for longer. This means that the first couple of seconds are vital to making a good impression, as it will dictate all future awareness of your brand. A good hook will quickly tease the consumer of what is to come and compels them to keep watching the video and stay until the end. This could be a question, instant value, a joke or a fact.

Be aware of the consumer

You should have a customer persona that acts as the foundation for all the content that you create. This is a guide that details who your ideal client is, personal demographics, what their interests are, what they dislike, what their problems and struggles are, and much more. This is important because every piece of content that you create should have an intention behind it, and very specifically target your ideal customer. This will ensure your content is put in front of the right people, and you are not wasting time or budget. A large portion of viewers will stop watching a video after 30 seconds, so intention, combined with a good hook is vital.

Make sure every video provides value

While targeting the right consumer, you should always provide value. When you know what their problems are, this should be easy. Consumers are not interested in sales videos, so instead, your brand needs to create video content that is useful and provides value. This will ensure that your brand awareness increases, as well as trust and credibility, which will provide you with engaged followers who are interested in what you have to sell. The value you provide can be in several different forms, for example, tips, advice, how-to guides, tutorials, and much more. 

Be consistent

Not only must your brand create good content, but you should be creating it consistently. You can easily do this by creating one video per piece of advice. The most popular form of video is TikTok, as you have the ability to get creative with a variety of clips, fonts, filters and music. You can then download your creation by using TTDownloader, and repurpose it across platforms. Make sure your video content is shared on different social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, is optimized for search engines, and included in your email marketing campaigns, to help increase engagement from a variety of directions and ensure it gets more views. This will enable you to create one piece of valuable content, and make the most of it. Consistent content is vital to establish your credibility as a reputable brand that consumers can trust and build momentum on your platform of engaged followers. 

As well as consistent content, you should also ensure your messaging and branding in your videos are consistent. This includes your tone of voice, fonts and colors, logos, and format of content. This will help your brand grow much quicker, and instill trust in consumers. 

There’s no disputing the fact that video content is vital for any brand, big or small, that wants to grow. Whether it is a personal brand for fun on social media, or you are trying to drive traffic to your website, services and products to increase your revenue, video is the way forward for your brand.

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