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We have gathered together 7 excellent comics that should be made into a series or game that we think should have adaptations now.

7 best comics that have no movie and slot adaptation

Do you know the expression “If they haven’t made a slot about it, it doesn’t exist”? Well, it seems to be somewhat true, but we disagree with that. Many great European and American comics have not yet been adapted into TV series or — in casino games in our case. But they should be! We are sure they will succeed.

Superheroes are a prevailing trend in pop culture and casinos not on gamstop. But, despite the accumulation of products based on this type of literature, we should admit that many comics have not been adapted into films, series, or slot games. It’s a fact to consider, as many of these works have an exciting number of fans who would like to see these titles in entertainment titles.

We have gathered together 7 excellent comics that should be made into a series or game, narrowing down the number of these works that we think should be adapted.


Transmetropolitan, by Warren Ellis (Planetary) and Darick Robertson (The Boys, Happy), will long be recognised as one of the best comics from DC and its adult Vertigo line. It’s also prime material for a series. Admittedly, its cyberpunk and sci-fi tone would make it more expensive to produce, making it as ambitious a title as Netflix’s Altered Carbon.

Transmetropolitan is the story of Spider Jerusalem, an investigative journalist who unravels the dark secrets behind the corrupt political class that seeks to become tenants of the White House.

It is a modern classic that was curiously ahead of its time. Today shows and denounces issues of the social reality in which we live. Addicts of The Wire and House of Cards, this is the comic book series you’ve been waiting to see.

Strangers in Paradise

Strangers in Paradise is one of those comics that is little known (by the general public) but which you should read and which deserves its series. It’s no big deal if you’re expecting super-powered beings or anything supernatural. Strangers in Paradise is a story almost as real as life itself.

Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise is a genre story that develops a complex love triangle formed by the cultured and intellectual David, the energetic and strong Katchoo, and the idealistic Francine. In short, at the beginning of the plot, David is in love with Katchoo, but Katchoo is in love with Francine. All this complicates the trio’s relationship.

Of course, it is just the tip of the iceberg. The series has much more to offer and transcends the romantic drama to become a tragedy with criminal overtones that even touches on white slavery and the Triad business in the USA. Top-notch creme brulee for a series, my reader friend.


Blacksad will indeed arrive in the form of a graphic adventure soon. But we think the comic by Guarnido and Díaz Canales would be the ideal material for a high-budget animated series and game franchise.

Set in the 1950s, in North America populated by anthropomorphic animals, Blacksad is an heir to the noir genre (film noir and criminals). His central theme is the detective’s investigations in different parts of the USA. It explores the corruption of Hollywood, witch hunts, segregation, the rise of the counterculture, etc.


Almost all of our readers know the comic book Fables from Telltale’s video game The Wolf Among Us. But did you know that it was initially one of DC and Vertigo’s top-rated comics? The series Once Upon a Time is a blatant “plagiarism” of these comics.

The story of Fables begins at the turn of the 20th century in New York. In retrospect, we discover that the fairy tale characters have moved to our world, fleeing a fierce civil war that has shattered the fairy tale universe.

As refugees on Earth, the so-called fables try to pass for ordinary humans. But it’s hard to do when you’re an enchanted prince who turns into a beast when your wife gets mad at you or a dire wolf with a long record of misdeeds behind you.

Fables are currently one of DC’s great comics and a modern must-read. Perhaps when ABC’s Once Upon a Time series ends, we might be able to enjoy a series adaptation of this comic. Although, it is rumoured that Warner could bring this title to film first.

Southern Bastards

Southern Bastards is as sleazy as it sounds. It is the work of writer Jason Aaron and cartoonist Jason Latour. It is set in the American South, revealing society’s darker, more acidic side in America’s heartland. The plot of this comic book series, which will remind you of Outsiders and other works about rural America, is a love letter/satire about American Southerners.

The comic’s plot revolves around two football coaches and their misdeeds in a small Southern town. Especially when the series protagonist has to change his career as a coach to a petty criminal for surviving. Breaking Bad fans, you’ll want to see this, and rightly so. The comic won the 2016 Eisner Award for Best Comic Book – almost nothing!

Rat Queens

Rat Queens is one of the funniest comics of the current decade. It’s a deconstruction of the sword, sorcery, and Epic Fantasy genre, Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons. The plot follows a group of four female adventurers as they take on quests, slay monsters and loot dungeons in between binges.

Rat Queens would be an excellent series for those who miss decapitations, explicit sex and Game of Thrones-style violence. That’s for sure but with a bit more mischief, mischievousness and grace.

V for Vendetta

Don’t say later that we don’t support the classics. V for Vendetta was made into a film by the Wachowski sisters. We won’t go into whether or not this was a good adaptation of the original comic by Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

We say that V for Vendetta deserves a mini-series or a series limited to one or two seasons to be brought to the audiovisual medium as such an exciting work deserves. Also, an engaging game. So what do you think about it?

If you know of any other story that deserves to be seen on Netflix, HBO or Amazon, we invite you to tell us in the comments section.

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