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Bond films are known for having incredible locations. Check out some of the best casino locations that have appeared in them.

A look at the best casino locations used in Bond films

Few other film franchises can compare to this famous series which has grossed millions of dollars since its first release over 5 decades ago. A whopping 25 Bond movies have hit the big screen, with 7 different actors starring as the elusive, glamorous secret agent in a variety of locations around the world. Below we’ll take a look at some of the most memorable Bond casino moments and the beautiful settings in which they were filmed.

best casino locations

Dr. No 

The first James Bond movie of all time was released in 1963, featuring a largely unknown actor who would come to be recognized as the face of 007 and remain a lasting image of the film franchise. Sean Connery gave the world its first look at the handsome British spy, the first to deliver the famous introductory lines, “Bond. James Bond.” After those words were spoken, America and the world fell deeply in love with the Scottish born actor who would star in over 6 additional Bond films.

Dr. No built the foundation for the series, adding to the character’s personality with top secret missions, evil villains, casino games, spectacular cars, and of course, beautiful scenery. The first Bond film was shot in a variety of locations from Kingston, Jamaica to Chelsea, London, the set of the spy’s home. 

Central London is also the location of the first ever James Bond casino scene, although the movie is set in Monte Carlo. It’s here where the Bond character really evolves, as he engages in a classic, French variant of baccarat commonly known as Chemin-de-fer. Fans of the films will always remember this moment as a landmark scene for the franchise and the entire film industry for that matter.

best casino locations

Although the first Bond movie was shot all the way back in the early 1960s, nowadays fans can engage in similar, more modern-day variants of some of Bond’s favorite casino games in the digital environment. Online platforms like Grand Ivy Casino offer a premium casino experience with all the glitz and glamour of a classic Bond locale. 

One thing’s for certain: 1963’s release of Dr. No put the famous character on the map in a way that would transform the excitement surrounding casino games and action films forever.

best casino locations

Diamonds are Forever 

A 1971 production which starred Sean Connery in his final turn as the Eon Productions Bond, Diamonds are Forever took filming to the infamous Sin City, shooting on many different casino properties such as the Las Vegas Hilton and Westgate Resort and Casino. You may recognize one of these Las Vegas locales in the film where Bond plays the popular dice game, craps, and wins a whopping £65,000 for his masterful efforts. 

Diamonds are Forever has some pretty memorable scenes, including the film’s opening in which viewers witness firsthand Bond’s killing of his number one enemy, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, played by Charles Gray. The seventh film in the series, it’s a wonderful combination of Bond action in the perfect setting – none other than Las Vegas itself.

best casino locations

The Man with the Golden Gun 

Roger Moore heads up the cast in The Man with the Golden Gun, playing Bond in the 1974 film and ninth installment of the series. Filming crossed over to Asia this time with many scenes shot in a variety of locations such as Hong Kong, Thailand, and Macau. Since the Chinese region of Macau is famous for its casinos, home to a grand 41, many of the film’s casino scenes were shot in this city. 

In Thailand, set scouts found Scaramanga’s island hideout, the 66-foot tall islet of Ko Tapu which appears in many of the film’s most memorable scenes. Since filming in the 1970s, Thailand has become quite saturated with tourists from all countries near and far, but at the time it was a pristine, picturesque locale that any filmmaker would’ve loved to shoot in.


Jumping forward over a decade to 1995, GoldenEye featured Pierce Brosnan in his first time playing the British spy. The actor’s debut was met with great success as the film was one of the highest grossing movies of the year. 

Perhaps it was well received because of its wide variety of shooting locations which were extremely diverse. The casino scenes were shot at one of Europe’s oldest casinos, the Casino de Monte Carlo, with other moments showcasing the architectural beauty of the UK, Russia, Switzerland and even Puerto Rico. Even today, it’s still a film that is inspiring various aspects of pop culture, video games included


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