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What's better than going to a casino? Watching films about casinos! Check out the most thrilling movies of all time.

The Best Films About Casinos

The casino industry is one of the biggest & wealthiest industries in the world. Thus, it’s no wonder that we can see bits & fragments of it everywhere: in video games, in literature, in cinematography.

Anyone who ever tried a 5 euro minimum deposit casino knows the thrill behind playing casino games. Actually, Hollywood has been obsessing about the casinos ever since the early 20th century. If you put your mind to it, you will find tons of movies about casinos with different plots and incredible storylines. 

So, if you’re a casino online PL enthusiast, here are some of the top casino movies you can watch.

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven definitely deserves to be the highest on this list of top casino movies since it’s one of the remarkable examples of how a gambling movie can be super fun and eventful. Each of the characters has its pace in this gambling dangers cautionary tale. 

It was written by Ted Griffin and directed by Steven Soderbergh, who did a great job turning this remake into one of the most-watched movies of the early 2000s. The story revolves around a gangster named Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, who is of German, English and Irish ancestry even though he wasn’t born in Ireland. Danny and a group of eleven gamblers are trying to get money from some of the biggest Las Vegas casinos. 

Molly’s Game

Who said women are not good at gambling? This 2017 movie was based on the real-life memoir of Molly Bloom and her incredibly dangerous yet exciting gambling journey. To prove her strength, Molly Bloom turns to organize high-end private poker games after her skiing career ended. 

By organizing high-stakes poker games, she had the opportunity to be surrounded by celebrities, tons of cash, drugs, the demise of gamblers and even some life-threatening situations. Molly’s brilliance and strategic thinking, as well as risk-taking attitude, are shown throughout the whole movie. 

The Hustler

Even if the Hustler wasn’t as popular as its sequel, The Color of Money, this casino movie starring Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason, Piper Laurie shouldn’t be forgotten. The film’s plot revolves around loyalty, integrity, and ambition, as the story follows Eddie Felson, a pool hustler’s challenges. This character keeps losing due to his unnecessary self-confidence & self-destruction. 

Eddie challenges the legendary “Minnesota Fats” to a high-stakes match. Unfortunately, he loses and becomes broke until he meets a manager named Bert Gordon, who will lead him to the top – but for a high price. 

Vegas Vacation

This comedy depicts unusual vacations of the Griswold clan. Clark Griswold attempts to plan a perfect family vacation while visiting multiple casinos. This is one of the funniest casino movies that will bring tears to your eyes. Clark becomes addicted to gambling and ends up in different funny situations with a card dealer called Marty, who Wallace Shawn plays. 

And like you can already guess, the main character is pretty bad at gambling and apparently has no luck whatsoever. And you will have to watch this 1997 comedy directed by Stephen Kessler and produced by Jerry Weintraub to see how it ends.

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