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Gear up and Visit These “Casino” Filming Locations

Directed by the Award-Winning winner Martin Scorsese, the emblematic Hollywood movie ‘Casino’ has inspired several destinations for travellers that want to find out if life does indeed imitate art. 

While several representative buildings have been demolished to make way for the emergence of the ‘New Vegas’ – including the Landmark Hotel and Riviera that inspired the fictional casino from the movie – many splendid locations have been well-kept. 

So, if you are an avid fan of the renowned film, we couldn’t recommend these attractions enough for your next trip! Prepare for your trip by visiting

  1. The Leaning Tower

We all remember the hilarious scene that depicts Nick – Sam’s childhood friend – showing viewers his restaurant side business, called The Leaning Tower. Viewers know that he was too busy with his infamous private affairs to manage the restaurant. So, he entrusted his younger brother Dominick with running the business in his place.

We have some excellent news for Nicky’s fans – the restaurant shown in the film was a real dinner place is still standing to this day. The location’s name is known as Piero’s Italian Restaurant. This highly-rated dine-in location will surely make for a great memory during your holiday adventures in Las Vegas.

  1. Cabana Suites of the El Cortez Hotel

During Ginger’s last moments, we see her walking the corridors of what was called in the movie ‘a rundown Los Angeles motel’. While the scene was quite tragic, Sharon Stone offered viewers a stellar performance that won her a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination. 

The real-life location for the motel was, in fact, quite a grand hotel – El Cortez Hotel Cabana Suits. Since the movie was filmed, it has been an elegant, high-class makeover. That alone makes it an excellent location for tourists, so it should come as no surprise how many of them book it to retrace the steps of their favourite characters. 

This hotel still receives high praise for its vintage interior. The personnel likes to go above and beyond, providing outstanding services and ensuring their customers’ satisfaction.

  1. Star Motel

We can see Ginger’s character hitting a new low when she is getting arrested by the police on South 3rd Street near East Utah Avenue. The overall street view and the buildings surrounding it have suffered multiple alterations as time went by, so not much has been saved from demolishment.

Still, we have some good news for you. We can clearly see the Star Motel in the background during the highly emotional and dramatic arrest scene. The motel is still standing to this day, and it’s well kept, offering clean rooms and professional services. 

To preserve its legacy linking it to the 1995 movie, the motel kept its vintage sign that still welcomes guests every day of the week. So, if you are looking for a cheap, consecrated place to spend your night in Vegas, we found the perfect option for you.

  1. The Visitor Center of Las Vegas Neon Museum

Ginger starting an affair with Nick was surely wrong on multiple levels. Still, the romantic scene they shared in the wavy-roofed motel is undoubtedly one of the most iconic scenes of the entire film. The actual motel was known as La Concha and was considered one of the most spectacular buildings in Vegas. It, unfortunately, closed down permanently in 2004.

Not all was lost, though. The fabulous lobby of the building has been preserved by the officials and moved to become the Visitor Center of Las Vegas Neon Museum. Moreover, several references to the original lobby’s elements were included in the new facility, keeping two of the motel’s original signs. The exhibition is not only a marvel as a tourist attraction, but it stands as undeniable proof that history is meant to be celebrated and not erased.

  1. Las Vegas Country Club

One relatively less-remembered scene of the movie portrays the FBI agents landing a plane on a golf course since he ran out of fuel during their surveillance duty. 

The scene is relevant as a real-life event inspires it: the FBI agents once had the bad luck of landing in a pond on the course. They thought they were going through a life-and-death experience, only to realise the water was only a few feet deep and they had never been in any danger.

The real-life Las Vegas Country Club is an actual private membership club located in the Winchester area of metropolitan Las Vegas. The building is quite a sight for sore eyes, so we strongly recommend stopping by this iconic club the next time you wander through Nevada.

  1. Mob Museum

Several scenes from the 1995 movie were shot in the evocative Mob Museum, also known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. It used to be a federal house – and it is for this very reason the director has chosen it as a filming location. 

The museum offers an iconic exhibit that closely examines the scandal that took the casino world by storm. Burglars stole money from the Stardust and Flamingo casinos for the mob figures from the Midwest. The non-profit organisation also offers Casino-inspired exhibitions every once in a while, so keep an eye on this great museum when heading to Vegas.

  1. Atomic Liquors

The scene where Joe Pesci stabs a rude stranger in the neck with a pen might be the most brutal, shock value scene from the whole film. The setting created an even bigger impact on the viewers, the location standing out by giving off vibes of opulence. 

The flabbergasting scene was filmed at Atomic Liquors, which is one of the oldest bars in Las Vegas. Opened in 1952, the bar is a remarkable attraction for tourists. It has been used in multiple Hollywood productions besides the 1995 Casino movie. At the time of its opening, it became the first private business in Las Vegas to receive a tavern license to sell liquor and operate an onsite bar.

  1. Oscar’s Steakhouse

One of the scenes that best captures the ongoing conflict between Ace and his drug-addict wife Ginger reveals a husband who’s fed up with his wife-a woman who’s long given up on herself-and her overspending habits.

Their argument was filmed in what is now Oscar’s Steakhouse at the Plaza Hotel, probably one of the most memorable places where you could enjoy an elegant night out. The glass ceiling perfectly captures the high buildings surrounding the place, offering it a high-class vibe. The restaurant is surely a great place where high spenders can enjoy a fun night with your peers or partner.

  1. Main Street Station Casino Brewery Hotel

The film’s opening scene features Ace getting into his car that explodes as he puts the key in the ignition. The emblematic scene was filmed in the parking lot of the Main Street Station Casino Brewery Hotel, and the production team had to arrange for three consecutive cars to be blown up until they captured the perfect shot.

Another iconic building seen in the background is the California Hotel & Casino, not very far from The Main Street Station. So, you get to choose which accommodation would be the perfect fit for your holiday plans!

When making plans for your next trip to Las Vegas, don’t forget to check out these memorable locations that turned the 1995 Gambling film into a real-life cinematic legend!

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