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Learn to buy a car like a celebrity and you'll soon be driving like you're worth a million dollars and being chased by the paparazzi.

How to Buy a Car Like a Celebrity

Celebrities have enviable lives, and that’s why we flock to their social media pages to stalk them and keep up with their lives. Famous sportspeople, musicians, and actors live extraordinary lives and wield a lot of influence. They also have it easier than us when buying cars. 

Most celebrities get a 20%-60% discount on new vehicles just for being famous, while others get the cars for free so long as they endorse the car dealership of the manufacturer. Want to buy your next car like a celebrity? It is not easy because you are not a star, but one or two tricks might help you get a better deal. Here’s what to do.

buy car celebrity

  1. Purchase Your Car Online

You will rarely bump into a celebrity in a California dealership shopping for a Bentley. This is because most celebrities buy their cars online. Advancements in technology and the availability of car stock image websites have made online shopping more convenient and as good as in-person shopping. 

Today, you can browse car-selling websites for your dream car, buy a car online, and have it delivered to your doorstep. Online shopping saves you time, and you may get a better deal than you would if you walked into a car dealership.

buy car celebrity

2. Negotiate Like a Star

Celebrities can negotiate better deals and get great discounts. A car dealer may sell a car at a lower price because the celebrity asked. However, they may get them to market the vehicle or the dealership. 

You may lack the recognition stars possess, but with lots of confidence and great negotiation skills, you might get a discount. Learn how to negotiate car prices by reading this article by Forbes.

buy car celebrity

3. Consider Leasing Instead of Buying

We’re all amazed when we see celebrities show off new luxurious rides every year. Sure, some have the money to buy and park deluxe models in their garages, but some celebrities lease cars. 

Leasing allows you to drive a new car every 1-3 years without worrying about depreciation or reselling. Consider leasing if you have an eye for expensive rides but can’t afford to buy them.

buy car celebrity

4. Choose a Car That Reflects Your Personality

Have you seen celebrities who own a fleet of cars of the same color or bear similar rims? We have. Most celebrities love signature looks. A while back, Nicki Minaj bought a pink Lamborghini Gallardo to show her love for the color pink. Similarly, choose a car that matches your personality and your needs. 

A luxury car should reflect what you love. So, if you love fast cars, spend your money on that–something you will feel proud of when racing across town. Celebrities have it easy doing most things, even buying cars. 

When they are not getting free rides in endorsement deals, they are purchasing luxurious models at 40% off. You may not get the same treatment, but doing one or two things like them can ensure you get a better deal. So, buy a car online, negotiate the price, and choose one that matches your personality.

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